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Myrtle Communis
Myrtle Communis
Aromatic French Myrtle ball in a green pail
Close up of the myrtle communis

Myrtle Ball

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True myrtle - an evergreen shrub whose leaves are strongly scented when crushed. Myrtle trees have been cultivated for so many centuries that their origin is unknown. As clipped balls they make a great feature for a windowsill and their scented leaves can even be used in cooking!

A symbol of love in both ancient and medieval times and great gifts for weddings and anniversaries. This weeks myrtle balls have been trimmed since these pictures were taken and are looking nice and neat and a great gift for a smaller space.

25cm high in a 1L pot

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Looking after your Myrtle Ball
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
Also known as Greek myrtle or Common Myrtle, these easy to care for plants will reward you with fragrant evergreen leaves all year round. You may even get some small white flowers in Summer
Myrtle likes indirect sunlight and a cool room. In summer you can put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. But as soon as the nights get cooler, it should go back inside. This plant does best above 10°C and certainly needs to be above 2°C.
As your plant grows you may want to repot it in a larger pot, if it gets untidy just clip it back into shape using sharp scissors or seceteurs.
Myrtle leaves make a great savoury seasoning and can be added fresh or dried to casseroles and soups. Myrtle does tend to shed a few leaves as it puts on new growth but if you notice dramatic leaf drop the most likely cause is underwatering or scorching. Water immediately and move your plant out of direct sunlight.

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myrtus communis
Myrtle probably comes from the ancient greek 'myrtus' as do many other european common names.
white flowers in spring/summer
small blue bitter tasting berries
easy to care for shrub that can be pruned to keep a symmetrical shape. Useful for pots as topiary but can also be planted out.
Originating in eastern europe, myrtle has been cultivated for centuries and is referred to in the old testament.
Season: Jan to Dec
Medicinally an infusion made from the leaves is said to ease flatulence and colic and to help chest infections when taken with honey. In eastern europe and italy, myrtle's aromatic leaves are used in cooking to add flavour to meat and stews
Further information available at http://mygarden.rhs.org.uk/blogs/jim_gardiner/archive/2008/04/30/mount-myrtle.aspx

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" Thanks very much for your excellent and personal service. The Myrtle ball arrived on time for our Anniversary and my wife is absolutely delighted with her gift. Myrtle was perfectly packed and was in excellent condition. Overall, a very good nay perfect service, you can be sure we will be using Plants4Presents again very soon. " H. C. - December 2015
" I must congratulate you on a great service, I ordered a Myrtle to be sent as a birthday gift.  The parcel arrived brilliantly packaged and on the day specified.  A confimation of delivery email was received with details of deliver time and signature.  Would  certainly reccommend you.  Thank you very much " H. J. - December 2015
" Fantastic, Great Plant, Brilliant Delivery, Great Price thank you, Ceri was delighted to receive her Birthday gift. " B. C. - August 2015
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" Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for the above order. My son and his wife were delighted. I have made several orders through you and the recipients have always been thrilled. " J R - November 2014
" Many thanks, the plant arrived the next day and they loved it. " C F - June 2014
" Received order today thank you for excellent service and value, wife very happy " D.P. - December 2012