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citrus feed
citrus feed
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citrus food

Citrus Feed SUMMER

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All our citrus trees are well fertilized on delivery but after a couple of months a regular citrus feeding programme will help your trees grow and flourish.

This complete summer feed has lots of trace elements which your plant needs year round and an extra dose of Nitrogen to help your plants put on new leaves and flowers in the spring and summer. Use from April to September.

150g 4yrs supply for small tree

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Guide to using citrus feed
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This Citrus fertiliser contains about 5 times the level of trace elements of other fertilisers, and the Summer Formulation also contains a high proportion of nitrogen to keep the new growth green. The Winter Formulation contains the same level of trace elements without the high nitrogen content, so that the trees do not put on a lot of soft growth in autumn ready to be cut down by cold winter temperatures.
Citrus trees should have deep green leaves and produce fruit each year. They tend to put on 4 growth flushes per year and should produce a great many flowers of which about 1% will set to fruit. The fruit takes about 6 months to grow to full size and ripen. In order to work this hard, they need to be regularly fed with a fertiliser containing high trace elements: Dissolve crystals in water (half level teaspoon per 2.5litres) and apply weekly to the compost, except in cold winter weather when the trees are taking up little water. Large trees with large rootballs, which take a gallon or two of water at each watering, will need enough fertiliser crystals to reach the same proportion i.e. 2 level tsps in 10litres.
Wash out the compost of regularly-fed plants about twice a year. Take them outside on a nice day, in Spring and early Autumn, and run lots of water through to clear out all the residue of past fertiliser applications. This will keep the roots healthy and avoid brown tip-burn appearing on the ends of leaves.
Trouble shooting: If, for some reason, your tree loses its leaves do not panic! Generally it is because the compost has dried out too much at some point in the previous weeks: if so, keep the compost slightly damp until new leaves appear, all green and glossy, then build up the watering as the tree's needs demand. Leaves may also be shed when the compost has been too wet - if this is likely to be the case, then allow the rootball to drain, and hope that new growth will soon appear - too wet conditions are more likely to be terminal than too dry conditions as they may have induced root rot.
Other plants: if you have any other ailing, non flowering, or chlorotic plants, try the fertiliser on them too - it can have dramatic results to leaf colour and vigour, and make flower colour stronge

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Citrus Feed
When citrus trees are grown in a pot they need extra nutrients and trace elements to keep them healthy. This specially formulated citrus feed from Plants4Presents does just that.

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