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Red Skimmia
Red Skimmia
Hardy Skimmia
Skimmia Japonica 'Rubella'


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These gorgeous Skimmias are a great gift for a winter garden and will bring a bit of colour right through the darkest months of the year. The red flower buds will hold right the way through the Autumn and Winter, opening into scented white flowers in the Spring.

This week our Skimmia plants are looking really fantastic as pictured with a mass of jolly red buds that will open into scented flowers over the next few months. A great gift for the garden with buds,or flowers nearly all year round.

50cm tall in a 2L pot

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Looking after your Skimmia
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Skimmia are garden plants, valued for their neat evergreen foliage and winter colour. This plant is Skimmia japonica “Rubella” which has deep red flower buds in autumn and winter followed by fragrant white flowers in the spring. They are great for a winter garden where they are a great backdrop for early bulbs.
Skimmia is a hardy outdoor plant that likes woodland conditions – deep fertile soil and a bit of shade. However if you don’t want to plant it out straight away it will do fine in a pot on your patio while it is young.They are not too fussy about soil type but do best in a damp part-shaded position where you can smell the spring flowers.
Over time your plant can grow into quite substantial bushes several feet high. They can be clipped into a hedge or neat topiary shapes or allowed to form a more naturally looking bush. However remember not to trim back the flower buds. This is a male plant, it produces flowers every year, but not berries.
If your plant is struggling the leaves may become pale and yellowish. This is a sign of poor, dry, soil, or too much sun, so move it to a more shaded place and mulch with a top dressing of compost.

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