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We deliver a whole range of hyacinths and bulbs as gifts already planted and ready to bloom shortly after arrival.

We now have lots of lovely scented hyacinths available for delivery straight away and for Christmas. Blue are the strongest scented bulbs but we do have blue, pink and white hyacinths now available for delivery either in classic cream planters or in our festive 'shabby chic' style planters.

Hyacinths in pink, blue and white make great gifts for a winter windowsil

Hyacinths are naturally spring flowering bulbs but with a bit of care about their planting, their season can be extended to start at Christmas and continue right through until May. These early 'prepared' bulbs are heat treated in a special way to 'trick' them into blooming a little earlier and bringing their gorgeous scent to the christmas table.

Last years festive planters budded up ready for xmas flowering; generally we will deliver our hyacinths in bud so you can enjoy watching them open and bloom.

After flowering these scented bulbs can be planted out in the garden where they will return to a more natural cycle, flowering each spring once the ground warms up. In a planter they look great in mass in block colours of pink, white and blue. We tend to use tried and tested blue pearl and pink pearl varieties in our hyacinth planters and don't forget if it's the scent you love, then the blue is closest to the original hyacinth and has the strongest scent!

Hyacinths also look great in mixed planters and because they will do well indoors and out can be combined with a range of flowers for the patio or windowsil.

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