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Chinese New Year 2017

Citrus trees and citrus fruits are traditionally given to celebrate Chinese New Year as the round orange fruits represent the sun and postive yang energy. All citrus are thought to be lucky, but mandarins and kumquats are thought to be particularly auspicious.

The name of the mandarin fruit is gut in Cantonese and therefore it symbolizes good fortune (dai gut ). Pronounced Gumgut in Cantonese, the kumquat is a pun for gold (gum) and for good fortune (daigut). Pots of kumquats and kumquat trees are therefore popular ways to decorate the home over New Year in the hope that they will bring good fortune and wealth.

At Plants4Presents we specialise in Citrus trees so it's no surprise that we send lots of these fruit-filled trees around Chinese New Year. We have been told that the more orange fruits a tree has on it, the luckier it is thought to be and perhaps for that reason the calamondins and kumquats are our most popular gifts. We have fruiting calmondin trees in 3 sizes from a windowsil plant at £25 to some really stunning 'Giant Calamondins' at £50 and kumquats with orange fruits at £35.

All our plants are sent gift wrapped with a handwritten card so are great either for decorating your own home over the New Year or for sending as gifts to friends and loved ones.

Of course the date for Chinese New Year is set by the Lunar calender and this year falls on Saturday 28th January.


Colourful Calamondins from £25; Kumquat trees are a symbol of luck and good fortune ;

Order now for Chinese New Year and choose either Friday 27th or Saturday 28th as your preferred delivery date.