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Daffodil Pot

Daffodils are the ultimate spring flower and one of the first to pop their heads up above the winter snow. These cute doorstep pots are great for a windowsil or a doorstep and make a great token or get well gift.
Current Description
Sorry these are currently out of stock, but we will be getting some more in for January 2018.
40cm tall in a 1L pot
Daffodil Pot             Daffodil Pot             Daffodil Pot
Daffodil Pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Narcissus are dwarf daffodils, which need some light and plenty of water.

To help your daffodils longer keep them fairly cool if you can. A bright but cool windowsill is ideal.

Keep the soil moist all the times.

When the flowers are over you can plant the bulbs in the garden where they will flower again next year.

More Information


Scientific Name:Narcissi

Daffodils and their latin name narissi originates in the greek myth of Narcissus a beautiful youth who pined away staring at his own reflection and was turned into a flower by the gods

Bright yellow and cream 5 petal flowers with a distinctive central trumpet

Daffodils are bulbs that lie dormant most of the year