Jasmine Pyramid

These lovely indoor flowering plants are trained up a trio of canes and will provide a beautiful display of scented star shaped flowers over many weeks in a cool room or on a sunny patio.
Current Description
We've got some really lovely jasmine pyramids this week. Just as pictured with masses of new season growth and opening flowers and buds.
80cm+ tall in a 3L pot
Jasmine Pyramid Jasmine Pyramid          Jasmine Pyramid          Jasmine Pyramid          Jasmine Pyramid Jasmine Pyramid
Jasmine Pyramid
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This summer flowering jasmine (Jasminum azoricum) will produce masses of fragrant starry flowers on a sunny windowsill.

To ensure your plant gets enough light, place it near a window in a bright room or conservatory or on a patio outdoors. A cool room is best so try to keep your plant away from any radiators.

In hot weather these plants need regular watering but as the days get cooler they should only need watering a couple of times a week. Water from the top and let the excess drain away, or stand in water for twenty minutes. If you have to go away for a while stand them in a tray or saucer which has a little water in it.

In the late Autumn, once your Jasmine has finished flowering it can be planted out in the garden permanently or potted up in the Spring for a repeat show indoors. If you plant it out then make sure you find a sheltered position away from cold winds or severe frost - this plant came from Madeira!

If your plant still appears to be thirsty and the leaves dry, try spraying the leaves with water to keep them moist. If the leaves appear scorched or crispy check that they are not too close to the glass. Leaves and buds can both be scorched or chilled by contact with window glass.

More Information

White Jasmine

Scientific Name:Jasmine Polyanthum

Also known as "pink jasmine"