Large Clementine

Clementines are rarely grown in the UK but like all citrus they will do well in a bright sunny spot as long as they are protected from frost. These are the edible clementines that you would buy in the shops and usually flower in the spring and fruit in the winter.
Current Description
This weeks clementine trees are looking fantastic with several ripe and ripening fruits as pictured. Reduced this week for quick sale, snape these beauties up whilst they are at their best.
90cm tall in a 5L pot
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Citrus reticulata - clementine Citrus reticulata - clementine Clementine Close up of clementine Clementine Close up Large Clementine         Large Clementine Large Clementine
Large Clementine
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Clementines (Citrus Clementina) originate in Asia but do surprisingly well in this country. They have both tasty orange fruit and fragrant white star shaped flowers and can bring pleasure for months or even years with the right care.

Citrus trees, like lots of light and a cool but not cold room. A light room near a window or a conservatory is ideal. In winter, try and keep your tree away from central heating and in the summer protect it from strong direct sunlight. In the heat of summer you can give your plant a holiday. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Bring it back inside when there is a nip in the evening air. Your plant will start to suffer in temperatures below 5°C.

Water thoroughly from the top once or twice a week and let the excess water drain away. The roots should not be left to stand in water. Don't worry If the soil feels too dry on top - the most common cause of problems is watering too frequently in the winter months when the plant is resting.

The fruit of this tree should be picked when orange and eaten fresh from the tree either out of hand or in fruit salads. Clementines are one of the smaller citrus fruits with sweet juicy fruits. They normally crop in December in time for Christmas.

Overwatering, underwatering and shock can all be a cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 20 and your plant is in a grump. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery. In the summer, citrus trees will benefit from citrus feed every few weeks to encourage growth.Our plants are grown in a pesticide free environment. In the unlikely event that you find any pests (including aphids or caterpillars) on your plant use a soft soap or pest spray to wash off the offending creatures and pick off any damaged leaves to keep the plant tidy.

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