Outdoor Planter

These pretty wooden planters are packed full of hardy plants and are great to brighten a doorstep or windowsill.
Current Description
Containing a nice selection of seasonal sussex grown flowering plants including 4 or 5 of the following, african marigolds, busy lizzies, geraniums, cyclamen, violas and bacopa. This week's planters are looking lovely in a mixture of bright pinks, purples, reds, blues, whites and yellows but we are planting up more all the time so please do make a note in the box below if you have a particular colour preference.
30cm tall in a 28cm trough
Outdoor Planter Outdoor Planter          Outdoor Planter          Outdoor Planter          Outdoor Planter
Outdoor Planter
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Your planted basket is made up of hardy plants that will do best either outdoors, in a cool room or porch. They don"t mind a bit of frost but try to protect them from very heavy frost or snow.

Outdoors you probably can allow the rain to do your watering, but try to make sure your planter does not sit in a puddle.If you are keeping your planter indoors, aim to keep the compost damp not dry or soggy.

It is a good idea to keep pinching out the flowers as they fade to encourage the young buds and to avoid mildew. Once all the flowering plants are over you can still enjoy the foliage, and you can even replace the flowering plants with summer bedding plants in the spring.

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Scientific Name:Primula acaulis

Primula Hybrids

Some modern hybrids have been reared to suit indoor conditions to bring early colour to your spring window sill.

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