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Weeping Fig

These Ficus benjamina 'twilight' are a beautiful variegated variety of the more commonly known weeping fig, it has arching branches and long pointed leaves. They make great statement plants for your home, the office or even a gift for someone special.
Current Description
We have some spectacular Weeping fig plants at the moment, large and easy going plants at a great price this week.
95cm+ including the 4L pot
Weeping Fig Weeping Fig Weeping Fig Weeping Fig Weeping Fig Weeping Fig
Weeping Fig
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Weeping figs are a lovely evergreen houseplant, they like to be kept warm but not next to a heating source and are happiest in bright indirect light. They need to have about 5 hours of light per day so find a spot that that stays bright through the day but the sun does not directly touch the leaves.

They like the soil to be kept slightly damp so it is important to give them a heavy water as soon as the very top of the soil starts to feel a bit dry. Use at least a litre of water so that you get all of the soil nice and wet, but it is best to allow all the excess water to drain away before you place it back into the decorative outer container. It is best not to leave your plant sitting in water, this can cause root rot and leaf drop. These tropical plants also like lots of humidity, placing the plant on a pebble tray will help keep the pin tip-top condition.

They are not overly greedy so some 6-month slow-release plant food twice a year, put on top of the soil will help keep the leaves a nice healthy green.

Problems to look out for is leaf drop, they will drop their leaves if under stress, check they are not sitting in water or have been left to get too dry and that they have enough indirect light.

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Ficus benjamina 'twilight' Weeping Fig
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