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kumquat 2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft Kumquat Tree         2ft kumquat 2ft Kumquat Tree
2ft kumquat

2ft Kumquat Tree

Kumquat trees like all citrus need plenty of light and will be happiest inside in the winter and inside or outside in the summer months.
Current Description
Use the fruits whole straight from the tree in cocktails or to garnish desserts. Over time these neat lollipops can be trimmed to be kept neat or allowed to grow into a more natural bush shape. STOP PRESS this weeks trees have now finished fruiting but it won't be long before they put on a fresh flush of summer flowers and fruits to follow. New pictures coming soon.
50cm tall in a 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This little citrus tree has both decorative fruit and fragrant flowers - sometimes both at once. . It is a kumquat - or fortunella margarita, and it bears sweet scented white flowers and distinctive orange fruit. It can bring pleasure for months, or even years, with the right care

Like all citrus trees, this plant loves light. Near a window in a bright cool room or conservatory is best. Try to keep your plant away from any radiators or cold draughts which may shock your plant. A cool room is fine, but a draughty porch or a frosty conservatory is not. If it gets below 5°C it will suffer.

Water thoroughly from the top about once or twice a week (summer) and one a fortnight (winter) and let the excess drain away. The roots should not stand in water. The best way of testing for watering is to feel the weight of the pot. If possible use lime-free water and in summer give it a little citrus food.

In the heat of summer your plant will appreciate a holiday. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Bring it back inside when there is a nip in the evening air.

Sudden changes in environment, under or over watering can all cause leaf drop however with a return to regular watering and a stable temperature they will usually recover well. Mouldy fruit or flowers is a sign that your plant is either over watered or in too damp a spot, try a sunnier position and leaving longer between waterings.

The fruit and the peel of this exotic fruit are both edible raw, the more sunlight they receive the sweeter they will grow. The oval orange fruit are great on their own, in drinks or in desserts

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