Citrus Plant Gifts

Our full range of citrus varieties.

Oranges or lemons, grapefruit or kumquats, citrus plants make great gifts!

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  1. Young Finger Lime
    Young Finger Lime Produces tasty lime caviar
  2. Lemon Bush
    Lemon Bush Young lemon tree
  3. Large Lemon Pursha
    Large Lemon Pursha Lemon/tangerine cross
  4. Large Limequat Tree
    Large Limequat Tree Tasty miniature limes
  5. Lemon Trellis
    Lemon Trellis Lemon Trellis in Fruit
  6. Large Lemon Meyer
    Large Lemon Meyer with ripening green fruits
  7. Mini Lemon  (Lara)
    Mini Lemon (Lara) Miniature lemons
  8. Pomegranate bush
    Orangequat Sweet miniature oranges
  9. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit

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  10. Baby Kaffir Lime
    Baby Kaffir Lime Young Kaffir Lime Plant
  11. Corrugated Orange
    Corrugated Orange Unusal ridged fruits
  12. Kaffir Lime Ministem
    Kaffir Lime Ministem Fresh lime leaves for cooking
  13. Lemon4Seasons
    Lemon4Seasons Our most popular Lemon Tree
  14. Large Orange Tree
    Large Orange Tree with green ripening fruits
  15. 2ft Chinotto Tree
    2ft Chinotto Tree with young green fruits
  16. Lemon Meyer
    Lemon Meyer With small green fruits
  17. Large Grapefruit
    Large Grapefruit With ripening fruits
  18. Giant Calamondin
    Giant Calamondin Taller orange trees in fruit
  19. Calamondin Tree
    Calamondin Tree in fruit
  20. Lemon Pursha Ministem
    Lemon Pursha Ministem Young Sweet Lemon
  21. Medium Lime Tree
    Medium Lime Tree The classic lime for drinks and cooking
  22. Large Calamondin
    Large Calamondin Larger dwarf orange tree
  23. Large Lime Tree
    Large Lime Tree Large Tahiti Lime
  24. Sloe Gin Set
    Sloe Gin Set GYO sloe cocktails
  25. G and T Gift Set
    G and T Gift Set Includes Gin and Tonic
  26. Red Lime (Rangpur)
    Red Lime (Rangpur) Unusual mandarin-like fruit
  27. Baby Lemon Tree
    Baby Lemon Tree Young lemon tree
  28. Bergamot Tree
    Bergamot Tree The True Bergamot
  29. Large Kaffir Lime
    Large Kaffir Lime Fragrant leaves for cooking
  30. Finger Lime
    Finger Lime Australian finger limes
  31. Large Chinotto
    Large Chinotto Myrtle-leaved Orange
  32. Campari Gift Set
    Campari Gift Set Bitter Orange Tree and Campari

Items 1-32 of 34

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