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Citrus Trees and Plants

Whether you are a novice, enthusiast, or collector we have a wide variety of citrus trees to buy online that will add a little Mediterranean flare to your home or patio. Lime trees, lemon trees and other citrus plants are very rewarding to care for and are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives one as a gift.

Citrus are such attractive plants, with their handsome evergreen foliage, scented flowers and tasty fruit. They make an unusual and tasty present - just imagine the joy when your gift is opened to reveal a beautiful lime, lemon or other citrus plant. At Plants4Presents we have an extensive range of citrus trees in our UK nursery all ready for next-day delivery.

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Buy Beautiful Citrus Trees and Plants Online

Nothing tastes better than a citrus fruit fresh from the tree, and when you've grown it yourself it is so much the sweeter!

Buying Citrus Plants from Us

As a small, family-run company we are particularly proud to be the largest citrus supplier in the UK. With 19 years of experience in growing and selling lemons, oranges, limes and all the other wonderful varieties of citrus fruits. We have extensive knowledge about caring for them and have built up excellent relationships with nurseries across Europe. We work hard to keep the photos and the description for each of our plants up to date so that you can be confident that your gift will be looking its best on arrival.

Lemon, lime and orange trees are the most popular varieties of citrus to grow in the UK but the more unusual bergamot and yuzus are perfect for the more adventurous cook or citrus enthusiast.

New to growing citrus?

Citrus trees can thrive in the UK as long as the watering routine and position is right. Give it a specialist citrus feed too and it will provide flowers and fruits year after year. Your new citrus tree will come with care instructions to help you care for it.

If you still have a question then you are welcome to use the contacts page, or call us and a member of our small team will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are citrus trees and citrus plants?

Citrus trees and citrus plants are flowering trees and plants in the Rutacea family. Citrus trees have been bred over thousands of years to produce tasty fruits the most common of which are oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes.

How much do your citrus trees and citrus plants cost?

We have a range of citrus trees and citrus plants to suit any occasion. Our prices vary depending on the type and size of the plant or tree you desire but we have some lovely young plants starting from just £22 for a young kaffir lime.

Are your citrus plants and citrus trees suitable for the outdoors?

Hardy varieties of citrus trees including lemons, yuzus and finger limes can grow outside in the UK for most of the year. Most people will find their citrus trees do best if they keep them inside in winter and outside in a bright spot in the summer. We’re always happy to advice which citrus varieties are best for growing outdoors.

What other locations can your citrus plants and citrus trees be placed?

We offer a range of citrus plants and citrus trees which can be placed, indoors, outdoors, on windowsills, in conservatories and even your patio.

How is my citrus plant or citrus tree sent to me?

When ordering a citrus plant or citrus tree, we make sure your items are packaged well and shipped with care. We use DPD and Royal Mail to delivery your new plant or tree direct to your door.

I'm new to growing, are citrus trees and citrus plants a good choice for me?

Citrus trees and citrus plants do really well in the UK as long they receive the correct water routine and are positioned in the correct location

What are your most popular citrus trees and citrus plants?

Our most popular citrus plants are our lemon trees but our lime, orange and more unusual bergamot and yuzus are also popular.