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Plants that are sure to bring a smile

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  1. Olive Tree
    Olive Tree Neat silver foliage
  2. Jasmine Pyramid
    Jasmine Pyramid Scented white blooms
  3. Peach Tree
    Peach Tree Patio Peach Tree
  4. Calamondin Pyramid
    Calamondin Pyramid SPECIAL OFFER
  5. Moth Orchid
    Moth Orchid Long lasting blooms
  6. Large Anthurium
    Large Anthurium Dramatic red blooms
  7. Cardamom
    Cardamom Sweet aromatic leaves
  8. Pineapple Plant
    Pineapple Plant Delivered in Fruit!
    Available from 31/03/2017
  9. Giant Red Amaryllis
    Giant Red Amaryllis Dramatic trumpets unfurl from this large bulb.
  10. Etrog Tree
    Etrog Tree The grandfather of citrus
  11. Baby Lime
    Baby Lime Young lime tree
  12. Finger Lime
    Finger Lime Australian finger limes
  13. Clematis Wesselton
    Clematis Wesselton Blue-Purple Clematis
  14. Spider plant
    Spider plant Easy care Houseplant
  15. Large Aloe Vera
    Large Aloe Vera The medicinal Aloe Vera
  16. Ivy Sphere
    Ivy Sphere Ivy Ball
  17. Asiatic Lily
    Asiatic Lily Exotic trumpets
    Available from 05/04/2017
  18. Scented Box
    Scented Box Scented flowers with evergreen foliage
  19. Large Grapefruit
    Large Grapefruit Green plants
  20. GYO Coffee Gift Set
    GYO Coffee Gift Set Grow your own coffee beans
  21. Lemongrass
    Lemongrass Fragrant leaves for cooking
  22. Pair of Vines
    Pair of Vines SPECIAL OFFER
  23. Azalea Plant
    Azalea Plant Showy flowers and evergreen leaves.
  24. Bay Tree
    Bay Tree Aromatic evergreen leaves
  25. Large Clementine
    Large Clementine in flower
  26. Large Pot of Pink Roses
    Large Pot of Pink Roses Indoor blooms
  27. Pair of Apple Trees
    Pair of Apple Trees SPECIAL OFFER
  28. Large Tea Gift Set
    Large Tea Gift Set Large Tea Plant PLUS BOOK
  29. Pair of Olive trees
    Pair of Olive trees SPECIAL OFFER
  30. Giant Camellia
    Giant Camellia Winter colour for the garden
  31. Personalised Heart
    Personalised Heart Heart Shaped Succulent with your Initials
  32. Muscat
    Muscat Golden dessert grapes

Items 1-32 of 97

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Set Descending Direction