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Great gifts to welcome in the New Year.

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  1. Bush Lily
    Bush Lily Colourful houseplants
  2. Variegated Pineapple
    Variegated Pineapple Variegated Pineapple
  3. Wooden Herb Planter
    Wooden Herb Planter Tasty herbs for cooking
  4. Stephanotis
    Stephanotis NEW SEASON
  5. Giant Dendrobium Orchid
    Giant Dendrobium Orchid Impressive and long flowering blooms.
  6. Acacia
    Acacia Flowering Wattle Tree
    Available from 25/01/2019
  7. Love Heart Orchid
    Love Heart Orchid Show you care with flowers
  8. Outdoor Planter
    Outdoor Planter Colourful Wooden Planter
  9. Fragrant Jasmine
    Fragrant Jasmine Fragrant blooms
  10. Large Kumquat
    Large Kumquat in fruit
  11. Gardenia Bush
    Gardenia Bush Fragrant cream flowers
  12. Blood Orange
    Blood Orange With large ripening fruits
    Available from 25/01/2019
  13. Topiary Azalea
    Topiary Azalea Long lasting blooms
  14. Young Camellia
    Young Camellia Young bushes that will grow on with time
  15. Mini Lemon  (Lara)
    Mini Lemon (Lara) Miniature lemons
  16. Cymbidium Orchid
    Cymbidium Orchid Stunning oriental blooms
  17. Cordyline 'Tango'
    Cordyline 'Tango' Colourful houseplant
  18. Hellebore
    Hellebore Pretty Blooms for the garden
  19. Hyacinth Planter
    Hyacinth Planter Hyacinths in cream planter

19 Items

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