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Star Jasmine in metal pail Star Jasmine Closeup of star jasmine flower Star Jasmine from above Star Jasmine in flower Trachelospermum jasminoides
Star Jasmine in metal pail

Star Jasmine

These heavily scented evergreen climbers have an really sweet perfume and are used in hedging or to climb up walls across the mediterranean
Current Description
Known by gardeners as Trachelospermum jasminoides these climbers are famous for their fragrance and although they are usually thought of as a Mediterranean plant they will do well outside in a sheltered summer garden. If you live further north or in an exposed spot they are best brought inside in the winter months. Available again week, these handsome evergreen jasmine are just starting to flower.
80cm+ tall in a 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This summer flowering climber will is often called a “jasmine” as it has sweetly scented starry flowers. Its latin name however is trachelospermum jasminoides – it is a garden plant and it will be a star performer on a sunny wall.

When these plants are in small pots they will need watering frequently, especially if it sunny. If you have to go away for a while stand them in a tray or saucer which has a little water in it. When it is practical it would be good to plant out in the garden. Choose a sunny sheltered spot – these plants need warmth and light. If you prefer you can keep your plant in a container in a conservatory, but keep it well watered and fed, and protect it from extreme heat or scorch in midsummer.

The plants are self supporting but the young growth might a bit of encouragement so a little support might be helpful so you can tie it in. If your plant has any setbacks due to extreme winter weather just cut back the dead growth and it will recover.