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Plant Care Guides and Plant Advice

We've recently reorganised our plant care pages so we can add more helpful articles about individual plants, treating pests and best plant parent practice over time. We'll be adding lots more content and articles to these pages over the coming months but in the meantime you can find our plant care articles and guides now arranged into 3 handy sub categories.

Plant Guides

Plant Guides A-Z

How to care guides for a range of different plants arranged alphabetically.

Plant pests

Plant Pest Guides

How to identify and treat common garden and houseplant pests.

Citrus Care

Citrus care guides

Watch some key top tips on our citrus video, and read our detailed articles on citrus trees and how to ensure they thrive in the UK climate.


More Care and Pest Guides coming in 2024

We have lots of plans to add more plant care guides and guides on how treat the most common pests our customers ask about including aphids, scale, cotton cushion scale, mealy bug and red spider mite but if there is something in particular you would like to hear more about please do email us with your suggestions.

You can browse our full range of plants available either as gifts or a treat for yourself here or browse our care guides by plant type here