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Lemon Trees

We have a stunning range of lemon trees for sale. All can be ordered online and sent as gifts directly to recipients or to your home. All our lemon tress are sold with care instructions and are grown to very high standards. Order online and choose your delivery date. Our lemon trees are ideal as a gift and come with a decorative pot and card.

The 2 best varieties of lemon trees to grow in the UK are Lemon4seasons and Lemon Meyers.

Our Lemon trees are available in a range of sizes, both types will fruit well in our climate and take temperatures down to -1C. In our experience the Lemon4seasons, (also known as Eureka), is slightly easier going and tolerates lower light levels producing the odd fruit all year round. Lemon Meyers on the other hand, produce slightly smaller, sweeter fruits and tend to crop more heavily but only once or twice a year.

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Buy Lemon Trees Online - Great as Gifts or for Yourself

Our range of stunning lemon trees are incredible to give as a gift to your family, friend, neighbour or work colleague; or are a lovely little treat for yourself! We have a huge range available from baby lemon trees to the famous Japanese citrus tree: yuzu. Lemon trees bring a piece of the Mediterranean into your home, garden or veranda with their fresh scent, beautifully bright colours and sweet yet sharp fruits. Our small and large lemon trees for sale are exceptionally high quality and grown especially in our nursery in Sussex. Get your lemon tree delivered in perfect condition on the day you specify by ordering now.

Fruiting Lemon Trees

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as the taste of lemon made into freshly squeezed lemonade or over your favourite seafood dish. That’s why gifting a lemon tree for an anniversary gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift or thank you gift is a perfect choice. Our frequently fruiting lemon trees are fairly easy to care for as they can survive even if you’re not living in a warm environment, this gorgeous plant is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! When buying our lemon trees online, you always get your plant delivered with a decorative pot and gift card where you can write your own special words to your loved one. Choose the day you want your lemon tree delivery, and we will make it happen.

Buy Meyer Lemon Trees Online

Meyer lemon trees are a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges which gives a sweet-tart flavour. Growing Meyer lemon trees is a rewarding experience as they are abundant fruit producers, and their white blossoms are incredibly fragrant alongside the shiny dark foliage which makes them the most beautiful ornamental tree. Meyer lemon trees can grow in almost any type of soil and love to be in the sun for at least eight hours a day. The aim is to keep the soil moist but not soggy and in temperatures between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius. Meyer lemon trees make the perfect gift for green-fingered friends or those who enjoy the challenge of something a bit different to brighten up their home, patio, or garden. Get your Meyer lemon trees delivered directly to your or a loved one’s door with a decorative pot and gift card now.

Small Lemon Trees

Small and miniature lemon trees are an ideal plant for kitchen, living room or dining room windowsills where they can soak up as much sunlight as possible. They fit perfectly on many small surfaces due to their compact size. Add your small lemon tree to your kitchen and reap the mini fruits for cocktails and drinks! They are super easy to care for and are a reliable cropper making them the ideal housewarming gift, thank you gift or birthday gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all lemon trees identical?

A common question but the answer is no, there are lots of different varieties of lemon trees and lemon trees can be crossed with other varieties to make hybrid citrus trees. All the lemon trees that we sell are grafted trees which means they will fruit reliably even when the plant is still young. The way the trees are grafted and the root stock they are grafted on. Will also affect the size, the shape and the way the tree grows. The most popular and common varieties to grow in the UK are lemon Meyers and Lemon4seasons (also known as Garey’s Eureka) Lemon4seasons produce the classic lemon with thick skin and a pointed end that we typically buy in the shops. Lemon Meyers have a neater habit and a smaller rounder, juicier lemons that are prized by chefs. We also sell dwarf Lara lemons which are a cross between a lemon and a kumquat and some more unusual relatives of the Lemon family including Citrons, Bergamots and Yuzus.

Why should I have a lemon tree?

We love a lemon tree, what can beat picking your own lemons fresh from the tree? As well as their tasty harvest these evergreen trees are handsome plants in their own right, producing gorgeous fragrant blossom off and on throughout the year. In fact one of the nicest things about lemon trees is because they have such a long fruiting season, there is almost always something to look at all year round from spring blossom and embryonic fruits in March to ripe yellow fruits in the depths of winter. Lemon trees are by far our most popular citrus tree and are a great way to bring a slice of the Mediterranean in to your home.

Do you sell winter citrus feed?

Yes we do, our winter citrus feed will help supply your plants with essential nutrients to built healthy fruits and foliage from September to February

I don't have a lot of room for plants or trees, can I still have a lemon tree?

Yes, size limitations are always a consideration when purchasing new plants. We offer young meyer lemon trees and lara lemons which are ideal for smaller spaces such as kitchens or windowsills or even balconies. These plants have lower graft points and are on dwarf root stock so they stay a manageable size and produce plentiful fruits on just a small bush.

Where are your lemon trees grown?

Our youngest lemon trees and bush shaped Meyers are grown in the UK but the majority of our larger trees are imported directly from a cooperative of nurseries in Sicily that we have worked with for many years.

What are Meyer lemon trees?

Meyer lemon trees are a variety that was bred and named by Frank Meyer in the states in the early 1900s. It’s believed to have a mandarin orange in it’s parentage which explains why the fruits are so sweet and tasty and the way they almost turn orange when fully ripe. They are a particularly hardy variety that if kept on the dry side have been known to withstand temperatures as long as -5C. They grow well in the ground in California but they also have a long history of doing well in pots in the UK and New Zealand and they hold the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit A great variety for a chef, the fruits are truly delicious and are a variety no citrus collection should be without.