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Lemon Trees

The 2 best varieties of lemon trees to grow in the UK are Lemon4seasons and Lemon Meyers.

Available in a range of sizes below, both trees will fruit well in our climate and take temperatures down to -1C. In our experience the Lemon4seasons (also known as eureka), is slightly easier going and tolerates lower light levels producing the odd fruit all year round. Lemon Meyers on the other hand, produce slightly smaller, sweeter fruits and tend to crop more heavily but only once or twice a year.

All our lemons are looking really nice and fruity at the moment. Order for next day delivery or choose a delivery date on the order form.

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  1. Lemon Bush
    Lemon Bush In flower and fruit bud.
  2. Yuzu tree
    Yuzu Unusual Japanese Citrus
  3. Large Lemon Meyer
    Large Lemon Meyer with ripening fruits
  4. Lemon Meyer
    Lemon Meyer with flowers and baby green fruits
  5. Gin and Juniper Gift Set
    Gin and Juniper Gift Set Gin and Juniper Gift Set
  6. Baby Lemon Tree
    Baby Lemon Young lemon tree

6 Items

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