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Latest News, Blogs and Plant related articles

We've brought together all our more general articles on plant care and news from the nursery but if you're looking for more about who we are visit our About Us page here or for more detailed care information on our plants including videos on citrus tree care and pest advice please do see our dedicated care pages.

New Ocean Pots made from recycled waste plastic

We're loving these new sustainable pots made from waste water bottles collected from our waterways.

Biomass boiler

Plants4Presents set ambitious NetZero target

Find out more about how we are tackling our carbon footprint in and around the nursery

Low pollen daffodils

Low pollen plant gifts

Would you like to gift a plant to someone who suffers from allergies? Find out which low pollen plant is best right here!

Go peat free in your garden

Why we should all be going peat free as soon as possible

Want to go peat free in your garden? Find out the benefits in our latest blog.

Emily with a selection of Mother's Day planters

Our pick of the best plants for Mother's Day

Need a little help choosing the perfect gift? Come behind the scenes at the Plants4Presents nursery and let us show you some of our favourite plants side by side.

champagne glasses against a cardamom plant

Celebrating 20 years

We're so delighted to still be here and still growing after all this time.

Valentine's Tillandsia

6 of the best gifts for Valentine's

Emily picks out a few of her favourite Valentine gifts at the nursery

Wildlife gardening

Feb 2024 - Gardening trends and predictions for the year ahead

What will we be seeing more of in 2024? Predicting the hottest new trends in horticulture...

Winter garden

Feb 2024 - Top tips for helping wildlife in your garden this winter

Simple tips to make your garden more wildlife friendly during the colder months

best desktop plants for your office

Dec 2023 - Our pick of the best Desktop plants

Plants for desks aren’t just a pleasure to look at; they’re a big boost for wellness, productivity, and happiness too.

Best plants for business clients

Dec 2023 - Choose Plants for Business Gifts this Christmas

Not only are plants more sustainable and more exciting than a traditional hamper or box of chocolates they will make a positive long term impact on the office that your clients will be talking about for years.

Flowering pot plants

Nov 2023 - Why choose plants over flowers?

Instead of sending a bouquet, consider instead a potted plant. Plants are longer lasting, more eco- friendly, have well being benefits and they are simply gorgeous!

British Grown Orchids

Nov 2023 Brilliant British Grown Orchids

A guaranteed windowsill glory is the gorgeous moth orchid, familiar to many of us thanks to its arching stems and elegant blooms.

19th Birthday

Oct 2023 - Wow 19 years and still counting

Another year has flown by and of course we had to mark the occasion with cake!

Plants for small spaces

Sep 2023 - Best Plants for small spaces

We don't all have room or time to tend to a massive garden, but there are lots of great plants that will thrive in a more compact space. Here we highlight 5 of the best plants when space is tight.

2 year old watering

Aug 2023 - Best Plants for 1st Time Growers

Gardening is the perfect escape from the fast-paced, digital world we live in. Every day, more and more people are starting their plant parent journey ... but where to start?

Banana plant foliage

Aug 2023 - All about Photosynthesis

Plants have an incredible superpower. They can convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen. Here we’ll delve into the amazing process of photosynthesis, explore the role of chlorophyll and how helpful plants are in the carbon cycle.

How to care for plants

Jul 2023 - Top tips on Caring for your plants

All our plant gifts of course, come with full care instructions, but sometimes we get asked for general tips on how best to look after plants so we've brought together our top tips and guidelines on how to be the very best plant parent.

Low maintenance plants

Jul 2023 - Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants

We know sometimes life can just feel too busy, so we've brought together our recommendations for the very easiest house and garden plants to look after. These low maintenance plants make great gifts for the less than green fingered!

Pet friendly plants

Jul 2023 - Top 10 Pet Friendly Plants

We get asked all the time if our plant gifts are safe for dogs and cats, so we've drawn up a shortlist of 10 great plant gifts that are safe and suitable for pet owners and also some of the plants to avoid.

Curry leaf plants are back

Jun 2023 - Curry leaf plants are back!

We're so delighted to have finally increased our production of these popular plants. Fabulous gifts for chefs and foodies, if you haven't yet tried cooking with these fantastic herb you really should...

Large Lemon Trees

Jun 2023 - Our top 10 most popular plant gifts

Lemon Trees are consistently our most popular plant month in, month out. Find out what else makes it in to our top 10 most popular plant gifts at Plants4Presents

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Jun 23 - Emily's Pick of the best for Father's Day

In this scorching hot weather we have some great sun loving options for Dads for Father's Day. In this video Emily rounds up 5 off the best plants for delivery this weekend.

Best plants for bedrooms

Jun 2023 - Best Plants for Bedrooms

In the recent hot weather, it's even more important that our bedrooms are calm, cool and tranquil places to rest from the hecticness of life. Find out more about the fantastic benefits plants can bring to your sleeping space.

VIP Club

May 2023 - Announcing our new VIP Business club

Are you responsible for buying gifts in your company? Not feeling inspired by gift vouchers and traditional hampers? Sign up to our VIP club today and we'll send you a gorgeous desktop plant and an exclusive 10% discount card.

Visiting our Poinsettia supplier

Oct 2022 - Visiting Peter Eastwood Plants

Libby and Emily visited our local Poinsettia grower to see how this years crop is coming along.

18th Birthday

Oct 2022 - Celebrating 18 years in business

Plants4Presents was launched officially on the 27th October 2004 and we're delighted to still be here and growing 18 years later.

Hampton Court Staff outing

Jul 2022 - Team visit to Hampton Court

We've heaps going on at the nursery this month from installing new vent motors and irrigation systems to building new shade areas for our expanding houseplant range, so it was fabulous to get away for a fun day out at Hampton Court.