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Rose flowers

Spring is arriving as we speak, and before we know it, allergy season will be upon us. Hayfever sufferers know only too well the bitter sweetness of beauty arriving in the garden that comes with an increase in irritating pollen! If you’d love to give a flowering plant to a loved one, but you’re concerned that you’re only going to make things worse for their allergies, there are flowers with low pollen that you can consider. We sell some right here at Plants4Presents!

In this article, we’ll be sharing our top 5 low pollen flowers, making these plants the perfect gift for the allergy sufferer in your life.

Why give flowering plants as gifts?

They last longer than cut flowers

Flowering plants can brighten your day for months to come, not just days, as is the case with cut flowers. This makes them far more cost effective, too; all that enjoyment out of one gift!

They bring a pop of colour

The UK isn’t exactly renowned for wall-to-wall sunshine, even in our summer months, so the bright, happy shades of flowering plants can inject some colour into your home or garden whatever the weather.

They could spark a green-fingered passion

Giving a plant could be the start of a friend or family member’s amateur gardening career, as you’ve opened the door to a world of low-pollen plants that don’t trigger their allergies.

What flowers with low pollen can I give as gifts?


We just love camellias; they’re easy to look after, they provide some gorgeous colour throughout even the winter months, and they’re low in pollen, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. They suit partially shaded spots in the garden, from which their winter blooms can be admired.


For a low maintenance, low pollen house plant that happens to just have absolutely stunning blooms too, it has to be the orchid. Both moth orchids and cymbidium orchids cope well in homes, with long lasting displays of flowers that can brighten any corner or windowsill with setting off the sneezes!


All species of English roses release very little pollen into the air, making these beautiful plants even more appealing. Roses are a truly wonderful way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them, and potted roses like our miniature rose pot can be a special gift that will last and last.


Hydrangea season is just around the corner, and these captivating plants are worth the wait! Available in the chalky pastel colours of pink, blue and white, they’re low pollen flowers that bloom over a long period in a semi-shaded area of the garden.


If happiness was a flower, it would surely be the daffodil! Aside from their sunny colour, there’s another reason to be delighted with these springtime plants - they’re low in pollen! We would urge you to steer away from scented varieties and the cut daffodils that we know are everywhere during these early months of the year, and instead look at a gift that will really last, such as our daffodil troughs, filled with tete a tete dwarf daffodils bulbs so that their cheeriness can last.

Choose a houseplant to stay completely pollen free

If you want to err on the side of caution with your plant gift, we’d always recommend one of the many non-flowering plants that can bring as much joy as a flowering variety. Sweet heart plants, Tradescantia and asparagus ferns are just some examples of plants with foliage that are as bright and interesting as plants with blooms.

Choose your plant gift today

Whatever you decide, you can be reassured that pollen allergies needn’t stand in the way of your loved one and their enjoyment of plants. By choosing the right varieties, it’s possible to enjoy bursts of colour without the pesky pollen side effects. Select from our wide variety of stunning, healthy plants today, and be reassured of a present that will arrive on the doorstep looking fantastic.