Garden Plants

Hardy plants that can live outside all year round.

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  1. Flowering Broom
    Flowering Broom Scented yellow blooms
  2. Shamrock
    Shamrock Lucky Irish Shamrock
  3. Large Outdoor Planter
    Large Outdoor Planter Colourful spring flowers
  4. Passion Pyramid
    Passion Pyramid Stunning blooms
  5. Oleander
    Oleander Pretty mediterranean blooms
  6. Asiatic Lily
    Asiatic Lily Exotic trumpets
  7. Wooden Herb Planter
    Wooden Herb Planter Tasty herbs for cooking
  8. Walnut Tree
    Walnut Tree Young Walnut Tree
  9. Grape Vine
    Grape Vine Grow your own grapes
  10. Myrtle Ball
    Myrtle Ball Neat evergreen foliage
  11. Eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus Fragrant silver leaves
  12. Wisteria
    Wisteria Dwarf climber with pretty purple blooms
  13. Honeyberry
    Honeyberry GYO honeyberries
  14. White Clematis
    White Clematis Showy White Blooms
  15. Large Tea Gift Set
    Large Tea Gift Set Large Tea Plant PLUS BOOK
  16. Purple Hydrangea
    Purple Hydrangea Delivered in Bud and Bloom
  17. Fig Tree
    Fig Tree Dwarf fig tree
  18. Patio Rose
    Patio Rose In bud and bloom
  19. Pistachio
    Pistachio Grow your own Pistachio nuts
  20. Pair of Olive trees
    Pair of Olive trees SPECIAL OFFER
  21. Tea Plant Gift Set
    Tea Plant Gift Set Grow Your Own Tea Gift Set
  22. Silverbush
    Silverbush Silver foliage and white trumpets
  23. Clematis Pink Perfection
    Clematis Pink Perfection Pink blooms for the garden
  24. Butterfly Lavender
    Butterfly Lavender Gorgeous Papillon Lavender
  25. Clematis Wesselton
    Clematis Wesselton Blue-Purple Clematis
  26. Large Olive Tree
    Large Olive Tree Large lollipop olive tree
  27. Passion Flower
    Passion Flower Exotic flowering climber
  28. Olive Tree
    Olive Tree Neat silver foliage
  29. Sloe Bush
    Sloe Bush Grow Your Own Sloes
  30. Large Tea Plant
    Large Tea Plant A larger version of our popular tea plants
  31. Heritage Apple Tree
    Heritage Apple Tree Old English Favourites
  32. Cherry Tree
    Cherry Tree Patio Cherry Tree

Items 1-32 of 49

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