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Mid-summer Geranium with dark red flowers White geranium flowers close up red geranium Scarlet geranium flowers
Mid-summer Geranium with dark red flowers


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A reminder of Mediterranean holidays. sunshine and blue skies, colourful geraniums are easy and rewarding plants either indoors or out. If you keep pinching out the spent blooms they will flower on and on all through the summer and even into the autumn.
Current Description
These plants are currently out of season, but they will be back in the spring. In the meantime you can find a lovely selection of flowering plants on our website here.
35cm+ high in a 1L pot
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Peter, May 24
5 stars

Order delivered on time and as requested. good quality plant and container well package too. Thank you.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Geraniums are easy to grow if you give them food, light, warmth and water. They will flower for weeks and weeks and can be grown on into sizeable bushes.

Whilst indoors keep your plant near a window or in a porch where there is plenty of light. They will be fine in a window box or on a patio in the summer provided you are in a warm part of Britain and there is no danger of frost

While your plant is in a small pot indoors they will need watering generously, especially if your room is centrally heated. The soil should always be kept moist. Geraniums are greedy feeders and will appreciate some liquid feed in their water every week or so whilst flowering. Any ordinary houseplant food will do fine.

Problem Solving:

Pick off dead flowers and leaves to encourage growth and keep your plant looking good. Geraniums are pretty tough plants, and will recover from most neglect with water, light and food. Over the winter they should be cut back and allowed to rest ready for a repeat show next year.

More Information

Geranium Basket

Scientific Name:Pelargonium

Easy to care for in a sheltered spot outside on a sunny windowsil in any area of the UK