Larger Plants

Larger plants that are sure to make a real impact. Use the filters on the left to narrow by plant position or type.

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  1. Lollipop Bougainvillea
    Lollipop Bougainvillea Lollipop shaped bougainvillea
  2. Large Cheese Plant
    Large Cheese Plant Easy going houseplant
  3. Passionfruit
    Passionfruit Grow your own tasty passion fruits
  4. Large Chinotto
    Large Chinotto Myrtle-leaved Orange
  5. Large Lemon Meyer
    Large Lemon Meyer with ripening green fruits
  6. Holly Tree Pair
    Holly Tree Pair Holly Standards
  7. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit

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  8. Pair of Large Olives
    Pair of Large Olives SPECIAL OFFER
  9. Large Fig
    Large Fig Hardy fig trees
  10. Large Olive Tree
    Large Olive Tree Large lollipop olive tree
  11. Large Bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea Long lasting purple blooms
  12. Heritage Apple Tree
    Heritage Apple Tree Old English Favourites
  13. Large Kaffir Lime
    Large Kaffir Lime Fragrant leaves for cooking

13 Items

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