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These impressive citrus trees are sure to make an impact. Grown for their delicious orange fruit these plants like a cool bright room and should be protected from frost over the winter.
Current Description
Fresh in for the new season its rare to find Satsumas in the UK but these trees are looking lovely with a fresh crop of young green fruits developing. New pictures coming soon.
80cm high in a 5L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This little orange tree (Citrus Unshiu or Satsuma Mandarin) produces medium sized sweet orange fruit and fragrant white star shaped flowers.

Citrus trees, like lots of light and a cool but not cold room. A light room near a window or a conservatory is ideal. In winter, try and keep your tree away from central heating and in the summer protect it from strong direct sunlight.

Water thoroughly from the top once or twice a week and let the excess water drain away. The roots should not be left to stand in water. Don't worry If the soil feels too dry on top - the most common cause of problems is watering too frequently in the winter months when the plant is resting.

In the heat of summer you can give your plant a holiday. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Bring it back inside when there is a nip in the evening air as your plant will start to suffer in temperatures below 5°C.

Overwatering,, underwatering and shock can all be a cause of leaf drop. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery. A citrus feed added to the water every couple of weeks can also help to maintain a healthy plant.

The fruit of this tree will still be partly green even when ripe, but the ripe flesh is sweet juicy and nearly pipless. Best eaten fresh from the tree either out of hand or in fruit salads.