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Special offers and out of season plants

April Offers

We've got some great deals on winter berries and flowering cactus as we start to make way for our new spring range arriving in the coming weeks. These plants are still looking super, but they may be coming to the end of their flowering or fruiting season, and so we've reduced them in price to make sure they sell whilst they are at their best.

As well as these super seasonal special offers, we're delighted to continue to work with Sarah @theplantrescuer to promote 3 fantastic Plant Rescue Boxes this year. Like Wonky Veg, wonky plants deserve a second chance and we're offering our citrus and houseplant 'seconds' at a dramatic discount so these beautifully imperfect plants can find a new home.

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Giving plants a second chance

In our close-knit team, a shared passion for plants brings us a lot of joy, and being able to give those that aren’t quite perfect a second chance in a new home. That's why the plant rescue scheme at Plants4Presents fills us with excitement! These are healthy citrus trees and houseplants that have passed our stringent checks, but it might be that they just aren't in such good shape, or they just need a little more TLC to flourish.

Our rescue plants are perfect for those who already have some plant care experience and who can nurse the plant back to life. There are many reasons why our rescue plants don’t pass our quality standards, it could be that they simply don’t have any flowers or fruits at the moment, or it may be they’ve had a pest attack and are recovering. With the right plant care, we’re sure these plants can start to thrive again.

End of season plants and special offers on pairs

From time to time, we need to clear some space at the nursery. We reduce the price of those plants that are healthy but might be reaching the end of their flowering season to make way for the new season plants that are coming in. Any that remain are cared for so that they come back again as healthy plants the following year. We would much rather give our plants a second chance than throw them away!

Some plants look particularly good as a pair, so we've included a couple of special offers on pairs of trees to frame a patio or doorway.

Browse and order our special offers and out of season plants

Grab the ultimate bargain with our special offers, out of season plants, and perfectly imperfect plants. They make great plant gifts for a fraction of the price! Simply choose your plant, add a gift message, and choose your ideal delivery date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if my plant is oddly shaped, or has mottled or yellow leaves?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds on our rescue plants. The price we set reflects the condition of the plant, but with the right care, the plant could continue to flourish.

How do I care for my plant?

All our plants are delivered with specific care instructions to help your plant thrive.

Who should buy rescue plants?

Rescue plants are perfect for those who already have some plant care experience and have the time to dedicate to nursing the plant back to life. We have loads of tips to help you, so get in touch or read our plant care advice page.