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Lemon4Seasons trellis rescue

Young Citrus Plant Rescue Box

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4.5 Stars
13 reviews
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"Plants shouldn’t end up in the bin just because they no longer look ‘perfect’. They deserve our love and care, for without them none of us would exist. All too often houseplants are treated as disposable items, like a wilted bunch of flowers but they are alive and do so much for us, the least we can do is try our best to help them recover" Sarah @theplantrescuer

What's in the box?

  • 1 young citrus tree between 30 and 50cm tall in 1L, 2L or 3L pots
  • The Citrus Plant Rescue Box contains a strong young citrus tree that has failed one of our stringent quality checks. At Plants4Presents we specialise in plants as gifts so our quality standards are really high. If a plant is a gift it needs to come out the box looking fantastic and sometimes we will have trees that just don't make that grade.

    In some cases it can simply be that the plant doesn't have any visible flowers or fruits at the moment, sometimes it might be that they've had a pest attack and having been treated, are now in the process of recovering and building up their strength. Sometimes it will be that they've been in their current pot too long and simply need repotting and feeding up again.

  • 1 pot of our winter citrus feed which is a good all rounder to help nourish and strengthen your plant

  • Care instructions to help get you started. An A4 care guide all about looking after your new citrus tree and bring it back to full health.

Plants like this are typically thrown away but we want to change the industry and give them a second chance!

These plants have come from our plant 'hospital' area and have been treated regularly with organic treatments and a programme of natural predators. They will be carefully checked before despatch to ensure that although they may have had pest problems in the past they should not arrive with any live plant pests.

My plant has an odd shape, mottled or yellow leaves, can I get a refund?

All the plants sold will be imperfect but with the right care will grow - so sorry, no refunds will be given. The price reflects the condition of the plants.

Who should buy this box?

Citrus plants do need a bit of attention and this rescue box is aimed at people who already have some plant care experience. You will also need somewhere nice and bright to keep your new friend as citrus trees love a bright spot. A frost free patio, greenhouse or large south facing windowsil are all good spots but citrus won't thrive in a dark room. Because these plants are 'seconds' our main range of citrus trees are normally more suitable if it's a gift.

Need more advice check out Sarah's Instagram feed for tonnes of tips and advice on how to rescue plants or check our her new book here


All our plants are sent on tracked overnight services and are carefully wrapped and boxed in kraft paper and recycled card by our team of plant lovers to make sure they reach you safely. You can choose your preferred delivery date on the order form and leave instructions about where to leave your plant if you'll be out.
Current Description

Following the popularity of our larger Citrus Plant Rescue and Houseplant Rescue boxes this rescue box includes a young citrus tree about 2 to 3 years' old in need of some tlc to return them back to full health. These trees have struggled a bit recently for one reason or another, and some may not have a full head of foliage. However, they are all strong trees with a good root system and with a bit of care we expect them to recover well.

The photos give you an idea of what the plants are like, and we currently have a few different varieties to choose from including calamondin, young lemon Meyer, young red lime, kumquat, and some lemon4seasons bushes. You can leave it to us to select the healthiest and best plant for you or you're welcome to use the box below to let us know your preference from one of these varieties. Some can sell out quickly and so it is worth giving us a couple of options to avoid disappointment.

30-40cm high in a 1L, 2L and 3L pots
1 x Young citrus rescue   + £0.00
1 x Citrus Feed WINTER   + £0.00

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4.5 Stars 4.7/ 5 13 reviews
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Matthew Simpson, Apr 10
5 stars

Better than I expected looking forward to nurturing this delightful plant

James, Mar 15
5 stars

Amazing value. Was very happy with what I received. Thankyou

Customer Image
Freelander owner, Dec 30
5 stars

I bought this together with a beautiful bergamot as an impulse present for myself. I asked for a 4 seasons lemon as the rescue plant which was supplied but any of the choices would have been fine. I was surprised by the quality of the plant which had a large sturdy trunk with a small well pruned head. It is slightly yellowing but just needs a good feed and some sunlight - there was even a pot of food in the package. I am looking forward to seeing it recover in my conservatory and will buy more if it is successful - I have seen similar or worse plants for sale at full price in garden centres - well worth a punt.

Natalia Quiroga, Nov 03
5 stars

I asked for kumquat and got exactly that. Lovely little tree. All it needed was a good feed.

Jane Cox, Nov 01
5 stars

Wanted some winter citrus feed for our large lemon tree. Decided to give a 'rescue' tree a chance, which included a tub of citrus winter feed with it. So glad we did, as we now have a kaffir lime tree as well. It was a lot healthier than I expected. I would definately recommend Plants4Presents.

Customer Image
Customer Image
Nikki D, Oct 18
5 stars

I think this is a brilliant idea and doesn’t cost much more than an extra pot of feed. My lime arrived without the feed (which was supposed to be included) but that was sorted out quickly and pleasantly. Have a go - give a plant a second chance!

Matthew Nicholls, Jul 27
5 stars

Brilliant and in great condition

Millie, Jun 30
5 stars

A nice healthy small tree. It has a new shoot on already and it is looking good.

A R, Oct 17
5 stars

I enjoy a challenge of rescuing a plant

Emmie Louise Hinchliffe, Oct 02
5 stars

Great product, very well packaged

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