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red camellia sinensis Large red camellia Large red camellia bud and bloom Red Camellia
Large red camellia

Large Camellia

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Camellias are fantastic feature plants making these a super investment gift for the garden. Originally from the far east, Camellias have thrived in the UK for hundreds of years and will bloom every winter through snow and frost.
Current Description

These are mature British grown camellia with lots of buds and lovely glossy foliage making them a brilliant gift for a winter birthday. We now only have the red varieties available, and they are looking super with plenty of buds and the first of their blooms as pictured.

50cm+ including a 4L pot
5 Stars 4.9/ 5 71 reviews
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Customer Image
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Bridget, Jun 02
5 stars

Beautiful healthy plant. Great addition to the garden. Interesting foliage with flowers in the spring and winter.

Caroline, Mar 21
5 stars

lovely quality plant

Kate C, Jan 09
5 stars

The camellia was a gift. Arrived looking good.

Judy, Mar 25
5 stars

I have not seen the plant, it was a gift but my friend told me she was absolutely delighted with it. Good quality and stunning looking

Lucy, Mar 21
5 stars

Beautiful plant that arrived incredibly quickly. My grieving friend was very grateful!

Beth, Feb 04
5 stars

Perfect condition

Heather, Dec 28
5 stars


Janet Smith, Dec 27
5 stars

Plant delivered early on day requested. It was for my mum’s 90th birthday, she loved it. The camellia had lots of flowers on it and more to come. Very happy with it.

Jessica Moss, Dec 01
5 stars

Very good

ZJW, Nov 18
5 stars

Beautiful plant, delivered in perfect condition and exactly when promised.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Camellias (camellia japonica) are outdoor plants, and will bloom every winter through snow and frost. Originally from the far east, Camellias have thrived in the UK for hundreds of years and make a stunning addition to any garden for winter colour year after year.

Keep your Camellia well watered whilst in a pot, the compost should feel wet to touch. However, do not let your Camellia stand in water as this will rot the root system. It will like to be regularly watered but allow the excess water to drain away. If your plant arrives in a decorative pot without drainage holes, make sure you remove the plant to water it, allowing excess to drain away before returning it to the pot.

After flowering your Camellia plant can be re-potted in a larger pot with ericaceous compost and put outside on a patio or balcony or planted out into the ground. Camellias like acid soil, so choose compost suitable for rhododendrons and heathers and other acid-loving plants. When planting Camellias in the garden, choose a sheltered part-shaded position where you can see the winter flowers. Try to avoid a situation where the early morning sun shines on frosted plants because this can spoil the flowers.

Over time Camellias can grow into quite substantial specimens several feet high. In china, where these plants originate they have even been known to reach 15ft and 500 years old. Older plants are very hardy but young plants should be protected from frost.

Problem Solving:

If your plant seems to be suffering try keeping it a bit closer to your home, the brick wall’s residual heat will keep young plants just above freezing, or inside a greenhouse.