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Grapefruit small green fruit Grapefruit in ribbed pail small green grapefruits Sweet-smelling grapefuit blossom Unripe Grapefruit
Grapefruit small green fruit

Large Grapefruit

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8 reviews
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These stunning Grapefruit trees (Citrus aurantium) are a great gift for a citrus enthusiast. A rare citrus to find in the UK they need a little more protection from the cold than Lemon trees so are best indoors all winter and on a patio only for the warmest months.
Current Description
These strong 6 year old grapefruit trees are not easy to get hold of and so we're very happy to have these back at the nursery again. Excitingly, they have several small green fruit on them, which will slowly swell and ripen over the coming months, and are looking just as pictured. Good to know: When there are this many young developing fruit on a citrus tree, it is not unusual for one or two of the weaker ones be be dislodged during transit. This is completely natural, and allows the tree to put all its energy into growing the remaining healthy fruit.
90cm tall in a 5L pot
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4.5 Stars 4.5/ 5 8 reviews
Joe, Mar 02
5 stars

Really healthy, handsome plant. I've bought from this site a couple of times before, and always happy.

Sarah Jones, Jul 12
5 stars

Great plant, came really well packaged and looks really healthy.

Lesley Pain, Oct 14
5 stars

Delivered on time and in good condition Plant was as seen.

Nick Caiulo, Mar 08
5 stars

Great service

Stephen Lee, Sep 20
5 stars

Good healthy plant with 4 large fruit

Ms A Roberts, Aug 22
5 stars

Healthy plant packed with care

Stephen Lee, Apr 27
4 stars

Good healthy plant arrived on time but did not have any grapefruit on it this time!

Tim Bellamy, Feb 20
2 stars

Broken branch and fruit detached. Courier/ packing not adequate.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This Grapefruit Tree (Citrus Paradisi) produces fragrant white flowers in the spring, followed by tasty grapefruits later in the year.

All Citrus trees need lots of sunshine so the sunnier the spot the better. A light room or a sunny spot in the garden is ideal during the summer months and once the nights get cooler they will do best indoors on a windowsill in a cool room or greenhouse in the winter. Grapefruits are one of the least hardy citrus trees so really do need to be protected from frosts.

When watering, always water from the top and allow excess water to drain away. The roots should never be allowed to stand in water and the top of the soil should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. The amount of water your plant will need will vary a lot between summer and winter and on the situation, so use the weight of the pot and the dampness of the soil as a guide. Your grapefruit tree will also benefit from a citrus feed every week or so in the summer.

These are the same trees as those grown for commercial grapefruits and the large fruits can be eaten fresh from the tree. These are quite small trees so you should only expect one or two fruits in the first year. Leave them on the tree as long as possible to allow the fruit time to sweeten up and test whether they are ripe by gently lifting the bright yellow fruits to see if they drop. Over time your plant can be potted on and will grow into a sizeable bush. Only repot during the growing season (spring-summer) and choose a pot just 2-3 cms bigger than it"s current one. Citrus trees like a slightly acidic free draining compost, you can buy specialist citrus compost from good garden centres or make your own using a mix of garden soil, ericaceous compost and grit or broken crocks.

Overwatering,, underwatering and shock can all be a cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 20 and your plant is in a grump. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery.

For more detailed information on citrus tree care, watering and problem solving visit http://plants4presents.co.uk/Citrus.aspx

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