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These gorgeous honeysuckle are a semi-evergreen variety with creamy-yellow-white flowers and a lovely scent. Honeysuckle are a classic cottage garden plant and will fill the air with fragrance.
Current Description
Our newest batch of honeysuckle are looking and smelling lovely and will make a fragrant gift to train up a wall or trellis. Currently in bud and early bloom, this weeks variety have deep purple petals on the outside and a pretty lemon yellow flower very similar to pictured.
80cm tall in a 3L pot
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle              Honeysuckle              Honeysuckle              Yellow honeysuckle honeysuckle
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Honeysuckle is a garden plant, great for summer scent, and a lovely way to brighten up a dull wall or fence. They will also be happy scrambling over a tree or a bush or up the side of a house. This variety is a semi-evergreen and semi-hardy variety Lonicera similis 'Delavayi' and produces creamy yellow flowers in mid to late summer.

If you want to enjoy your honeysuckle in a pot for a short while choose a cool spot if you can. The cooler the roots, the longer the flowers will last. After flowering, you can plant your honeysuckle out in the garden in a sheltered spot next to a wall or fence. Its roots should be cool and planted deep and the new shoots should grow freely towards the light. It will reward you with scented blooms every summer.

Whilst in a pot, your Honeysuckle will need to be watered regularly. Water thoroughly from the top every couple of days and let the excess drain away during the day. You may want to add an ordinary house plant feed to the water every week or so to help your plant continue flowering. Prune lightly after flowering for the best show next year.

Honeysuckle do well in a range of soils but do try and protect the roots from frost by planting near the house or by bringing the pot into a more sheltered spot in the winter.

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