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White Lavender

This pretty twist on the traditional lavender is a variety called "Arctic Snow". Still fragrant these lavender are great summer plants for attracting insects or just to enjoy.
Current Description
This white 'edelweiss' variety is more unusual than the blue, although not quite as fragrant, it is still popular with bees and other pollinators and makes a great gift for the garden. Looking fabulous again this week with plenty of late season buds and blooms.
55cm high in a 2L pot
White Lavender White Lavender White Lavender           White Lavender           White lavender White Lavender
White Lavender
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Lavender is usually grown outside, but young plants are quite happy indoors for a while.

Try and choose a cool spot with plenty of sunlight. If you have a garden, a patio or a window box then your lavender will appreciate the great outdoors. Indoors you just need to watch that your plant doesn’t get too hot or dry in sunny spells.

While in pots, plants will need daily watering, especially in a warm room. Water from the top and stand in shallow water if you are not going to be checking them every day.

After flowering cut the plant back hard to encourage regrowth next year and stop it getting leggy. With the right care lavender will continue to flower annually and can be planted out in the garden in sheltered sunny spot.

Be careful not to allow your plant to dry out inside, err on the side of over watering rather than under watering.