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Flowering Tradescantia


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Originating from central America this handsome tradescantia plant (Tradescantia alba 'Anouk') is just one of the dozens of varieties of tradescantia. They are prized for their striking pink and green stripy leaves making them a colourful yet easy going gift. These robust plants are happiest in a bright spot in the home where they can quickly grow long trails, but these can be snipped off to keep the plant at the desired size.
Current Description
Tradescantia are sometimes known as Fantasy Venice and these young plants are looking gorgeous this week covered in buds and blooms. The plants have already put on some new season growth and they will continue to quickly fill out through the summer and make a super feature in a room.
30cm+ in a 2L pot
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5 Stars 5/ 5 5 reviews
Michelle, Mar 28
5 stars

Beautiful plant. Great service. Would use again

Sara Odessa, Feb 21
5 stars

Lovely service! Wrote my note in beautiful handwriting and the plant was just as lovely! Will definitely use them again! xxx

Carsten, Nov 10
5 stars

Thank you!

Gerry Mason, Sep 26
5 stars

I'm totally in love with the Tradescantia! The colours are so vibrant, and it looks absolutely beautiful placed in the light green pot it came in, and fixed to the wall as a hanging plant. I don't have green fingers unfortunately, but the plant is still going strong. Yay! :)

Miss Val Stewart, Jun 28
5 stars

Lovely plant

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Your Tradescantia will be happiest in a bright room, up to a couple of meters back from a window, with plenty of diffused light and out of direct sunlight.

Tradescantia will do well at normal room temperature however they do like increased levels of humidity so will also appreciate being in a kitchen or bathroom, or occasional misting.During the Spring and Summer your plant will need regular watering, about once a week. During the Winter months you will likely find your plant doesn’t need watering as regularly, aim to water once the top inch of soil is dry. Tradescantia don’t like to be overwatered so be careful not to leave your plant’s roots sitting in water, allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

You will want to feed your plant every few waters during the Summer with a general-purpose houseplant feed to help it put on more growth and keep the leaves looking fresh. However this is not essential. Tradescantia are very fast growing plants, they will quickly grow long trails which can be trimmed back to keep you plant at your desired size. Pinching back the tips and any dead leaves will encourage your plant to put on bushier growth and keep it looking healthy.

Problem solving:

Overwatering can cause root rot, if your plant’s stems and leaves begin to look limp/wilted, check that its pot is not sitting in water and allow the soil to properly dry out before watering again.

If your plant’s leaves begin to look faded and lose their bright pinks and purples, your plant may not be getting enough light. Try moving it to a brighter position, but keep out of direct sunlight.

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