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Rubber plant with glossy leaves Variegated Rubber plant in white ceramic Rubber plant Close Up of Variegated Rubber plant foliage Rubber Plant in white pail Variegated Rubber plant with new growth rubber plant
Variegated Rubber plant with new growth

Rubber Plant

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Rubber plants are enjoying a well deserved revival at the moment and are a really laid back plant that will thrive in a range of conditions - in or out of sunlight, and in any room
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The rubber plants are looking fab again this week and you can choose between the classic dark green variety or variegated variety using the drop down below. Grown in the UK and currently 45cm tall, they will make a stunning feature in any room in the home. New pictures coming soon.
45cm+ tall in a 2L Pot
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5 Stars 5/ 5 4 reviews
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Beth Aldridge, Feb 26
5 stars

Stunning variegated rubber plant. Bigger than expected and extremely healthy.

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F A Flight, Sep 05
5 stars

Beautiful healthy plant

Richa Gupta, Dec 07
5 stars

Beautiful Plant and brilliant service! It was a birthday present for a friend and she loved it!!

Margaret Pover, Oct 06
5 stars

A really lovely plant, exactly like the illustration. I am more than happy with it. I am

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These attractive Ficus elastic house plants are commonly known as Indian Rubber plant for their rubbery leaves. They are very easy going and durable plants which will thrive in a range of conditions.

All plants need light, but this rubber plant is quite forgiving. Your plant will do well in most rooms in the house and is also suitable for offices. Rubber plants are happiest at a normal room temperature, with plenty of indirect light and extra humidity to keep their leaves fresh. You may need to mist the plant every so often to stop the tips drying out if your home is very dry.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered regularly once the soil is dry on top. In the winter when the plant is resting you won’t need to water as often - once every other week or so may be enough, depending on how quickly your soi is drying in the home. You might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food. Not all of our containers are waterproof, it is best to take the plant out from the outer pot and rest on the draining board or in the shower so the excess water can drain away when you are watering. Leave it draining for an hour before placing it back in its normal position. Do try to give the plant a water with rainwater regularly to help stop any tap water build ups in the soil.

You should expect your plant to grow slowly and will eventually reach from 5ft to 12ft tall

Problem solving:

Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving your plant a good misting and water more regularly. Yellowing leaves is caused by too much water, leave your plant to drain and dry out more between waterings.

Rubber plants aren’t particularly susceptible to pests but watch out for the normal suspects including aphids and red spider mite.