Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are enjoying a well earned revival at the moment and are a great easy care houseplant that will thrive in a range of conditions, in or out of sunlight.
Current Description
These glossy rubber plants make a great foliage plant in any room and are a great gift to welcome in the New Year
55cm tall in a 3L Pot
Rubber Plant Rubber Plant Rubber Plant Rubber Plant Rubber Plant Rubber Plant Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Rubber Plant

These attractive Ficus elastic house plants are commonly known as Indian Rubber plant for their rubbery leaves. A very easy going and durable plant, they could even go outside in the summer on a sheltered patio, but they should be kept above about 10C.

All plants need light, but this rubber plant is quite forgiving and does well in most rooms in the house will be suitable even for offices. It is happiest at a normal room temperature, with plenty of light and if it gets really hot in the summer you can mist it to cool it down.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered fairly often to stop the compost from drying out, but in the winter when the plant is resting you may only need to water once or twice a week. You might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food.

You should expect your plant to grow slowly and will eventually reach from 5ft to 12ft tall

Problem solving:

Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving your plant a good misting and water more regularly.

Rubber plants aren’t particularly susceptible to pests but watch out for the normal suspects including aphids and red spider mite.

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