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Here at Plants4Presents, it’s no surprise that we’ll always encourage a move away from traditional hampers and bottles of wine as corporate gifts in favour of altogether greener and more sustainable items - yes, you can give plants to your business clients!

Corporate plant gifts

In this article, we’ll be exploring which plants make the best gifts to say your big ‘thank you’ to your clients and contacts.

Why give a plant as a corporate gift?

Have a positive impact on your client’s workspace

Plants are known not only for their clean air advantages, but also the boost they can give wellbeing and productivity; and what business owner doesn’t want that?

Excellent value for money

Plants are gifts that keep on giving, with longevity that will not only remind your client of you for years to come (with the right care, of course), but they’re giving you some bang for your buck too.

A future talking point

The welfare of your plant gift is a great excuse to check in with clients in the future - who knows, it could lead to further collaborations!

The TOP 10 best plant gifts for business clients

Large cheese plant

For business clients that have a large open plan office space, a big statement plant could be the perfect gift, such as these large cheese plants. These gloriously dramatic plants can literally grow with the business, throwing out new trademark leaves in the spring and summer when they’re happy and healthy.

Rubber plant

A rubber plant looks fresh and modern in any location, whether it’s made a feature in the home, or adds some greenery to the office; they thrive in a range of environments. They come variegated as well as non-variegated, so you can select the look you’d like your business client to receive.

Bamboo palm

Elegant greenery can really elevate a space, making the bamboo palm an ideal candidate for a business client gift, particularly for those with south or southwest facing premises. Their tactile foliage brings structure and serenity to any room, and will thrive under the watchful watering of your client.

Large aloe vera

They’re striking to look at, and they’ve got skin healing qualities; aloe vera make functional features that brighten up any home or office. They’re desert plants, and as such they’re low maintenance when it comes to watering; handy if you’re not sure how green fingered your clients are!

Zanzibar gem

If you’re in the market for unusual gifts for clients, the Zanzibar gem fits the bill nicely. Originating from Africa, these plants like a warm environment, but they’re not so fussy about light (provided it’s indirect); ideal for business clients with darker offices.

Asparagus fern

Delicate fronds make this frothy fern a talking point in any business premises, brightening it up with greenery and charm. Asparagus ferns are an easy-going plant when it comes to their care, requiring just a teacup’s worth of water on a regular basis to keep their textural look going strong.

Sweetheart plant

Fancying injecting a bit of colour into your client’s lives? You don’t necessarily need a flowering plant to do that; this sweetheart plant or Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is a colourful character in leaves alone. It’s a lush-looking house plant that has striking pink and green foliage and despite it’s name is far from a diva in fact it’s perfect for plant-care novices.

Moth orchid

With lasting colour for little effort, the moth orchid will be a vibrant reminder of your business for months to come. Indirect light in the home or office will keep this classic flowering plant happy, and getting the hang of when it needs watering will lead to beautiful blooms that last weeks on end.


An indoor flowering plant brings freshness to an office space or a home, and the Azalea provides a long lasting display indeed. Keeping them cool and watered is the secret to a happy Azalea, and this will mean that your client can enjoy this plant’s much-needed beauty through autumn, winter, and spring.

Satin pothos

You can literally give the gift of cleaner air in your client’s office with these Satin pothos; they’re renowned for their air purification qualities. Their dappled foliage makes them an unusual gift; so too does their suitability for being suspended from hanging planters or baskets.

Business plant gifts made easy

Getting the right gifts for your business clients and getting them sent out quickly and reliably can cause a headache, but when you choose a plant gift from Plants4Presents, the logistics are sorted for you.

Simply choose a plant you know they’ll love, select a container, write your message, let us know the address, and complete your purchase. Then, it’s over to us to choose the best looking plant on the day, and ship it to the recipient speedily, and in a way that protects the plant to its destination.

It’s our pleasure to delight those who receive our plants, and the people that order them, with stunning, plants that live up to expectations and thrive for years to come. Entrust your corporate gifting to us, and we’ll help put a smile on your client’s faces, whether it’s a Christmas gift for business clients, or just a mid-year thank you!

Cheese plants make great gifts for Business clients