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Satin pothos Close up of satin pothos foliage Satin pothos in botanic print pot
Satin pothos

Satin Pothos

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Our Satin pothos plants (Scindapsus pictus), are prized for their smooth foliage and they are excellent air purifiers. They can put up with a range of light conditions making them a very versatile plant although a spot where they can get lots of indirect sunshine will maintain their leaf colour. Usually found in India and Thailand where they climb up trees they would be a beautiful plant for hanging basket.

Current Description
Grown in the UK, these beautiful delicate plants are looking lovely again this week. With attractive stems about 20cm long, they can be either left to trail down, or you can grow them up a moss pole or cane if you prefer. Looking as pictured, they will quickly grow plenty of new foliage over the summer.
25cm in a 1L pot
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Jaime M Cook, Apr 20
5 stars

Beautiful plant and pot

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Also known as Satin Pothos, these easy-going houseplants make an attractive addition to any bright room and are good air purifiers. They can tolerate bright light and some shade, making them ideal for offices.

Your Scindapsus will do best in a bright room with plenty of indirect sunlight. These plants do well at normal room temperature however they do like increased levels of humidity so will appreciate an occasional misting. During the spring and summer your plant will need regular watering, aim to keep the soil moist. Be careful not to overwater your plant as it will begin to suffer if left sitting in water. During the winter you will likely find your plant doesn’t need watering as regularly.

These plants are relatively slow growers and make excellent trailing plants, however will also be happy climbing a moss pole if you would prefer.

Problem solving:

Scindapsus need plenty of light to maintain leaf colour, if your plant’s leaves appear to be fading, try moving it to a sunnier position. Brown tips to your plant’s leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving your plant a good misting and water more regularly.

If left too close to a window, your plant’s leaves can become scorched. If you notice this, move your plant further back from the glass.

For more information about your Scindapsus pictus or our other plants visit www.plants4presents.co.uk or call 01825 721162.

NOTE: These plants are harmful if eaten, keep out of reach of children and pets. Contact with the plant can cause skin/eye irritation, take care when handling/pruning.

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