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Azalea Plant

Azaleas are a superb indoor plant for the autumn, winter and spring. Easy to care for - just keep them cool and watered and enjoy the blousy flowers.
Current Description
These pretty azaleas make a super gift and are a great way to add a splash of colour to a home. As well as the pretty pink and white variety pictured we also have some lovely very pale pink, and dark pink/red azaleas available this week so please do make a note below if you have a particular colour preference. STOP PRESS available at a special discounted price for a limited time only - snap these beauties up whilst they are at their best!
30cm in 1L pot
Pink Azalea Gift Plant Pink Azalea plant gift Azalea Plant             Azalea Azalea Plant             Azalea Plant
Pink Azalea Gift Plant
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Azaleas are very popular houseplants because they provide fabulous flowers with very little effort. These azaleas have been raised to live inside, keep them cool and damp and they will reward you with flowers for several weeks.

For best results place your plant near a window or skylight. Indirect light is best and the cooler the room is, the longer the flowers will last.

Azaleas are thirsty plants, the warmer the room, the more they will drink. Water thoroughly from the top several times a week and let the excess drain away. To be sure the plant does not dry out, stand it in a shallow saucer of water.

To keep your plant looking good, cut off dead flowers and brush off dead petals. Azaleas can be planted out in the garden once they have finished flowering and should settle in for a repeat performance next season. Azaleas do prefer an acid soil but if this is not possible in the ground they can be potted into a large pot of ericaceous compost

Drooping or flower drop is due to lack of water so give your plant a good drink and it will soon recover.

More Information


Scientific Name:Azalea indica

Azalea means "dry".