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Pink and White edged Azalea Pink Azalea in bud and bloom Close up of pink azalea flower Pale pink azalea flower close up
Pink Azalea in bud and bloom

Azalea Plant

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65 reviews
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Azalea are a superb indoor plant for the autumn, winter, and spring. Easy to care for - just keep them cool and watered and enjoy the blousy flowers. Azalea plants make a great gift for anyone and yours will arrive beautifully gift wrapped, with a free hand written card and container, and so it's bound to raise a big smile when the box is opened.

These Azalea plants are very similar to the Pink Azalea plant that are also available.

Current Description
Covered in buds and flowers for a pretty display long after arrival, this week's azalea plants are looking super. Always popular, we recommend ordering soon to avoid disappointment.
30cm including 1L pot
5 Stars 4.8/ 5 65 reviews
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Marie Nardell, Dec 23
5 stars

Both plants were excellent .Thank you

Ruth Buchan, Dec 21
5 stars

It was beautiful and much appreciated.

Mike Morgan, Apr 13
5 stars

Bright flowers and very healthy.

Rowland, Mar 24
5 stars

Well packaged. Beautifully presented.

Customer Image
Eyolf, Mar 12
5 stars

Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous,Splendiferous, Splendiferous, Splendiferous.

Andrea Purse, Dec 16
5 stars

Absolutely beautiful plant. Both myself and the recipient were very impressed.

Customer Image
Anne Ratu, Nov 28
5 stars

Beautiful plant, great quality, well packaged

Wendy Schell, Apr 08
5 stars

Beautiful plant. My sister was able to observe the buds open.

Penarth Resident, Apr 01
5 stars

Lovely azalea in a pot.The pink flowers opened gradually in a day or so which brightened up my mother’s room on Mother’s Day.

Customer Image
Susan, Jan 25
5 stars

Lots of flowers. Mum loves it

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Azaleas are very popular houseplants because they provide fabulous flowers with very little effort. These azaleas have been raised to live inside, keep them cool and damp and they will reward you with flowers for several weeks.

For best results place your plant near a window or skylight. Indirect light is best and the cooler the room is, the longer the flowers will last.

Azaleas are thirsty plants, the warmer the room, the more they will drink. Water thoroughly from the top several times a week and let the excess drain away. To be sure the plant does not dry out, stand it in a shallow saucer of water.

To keep your plant looking good, cut off dead flowers and brush off dead petals. Azaleas can be planted out in the garden once they have finished flowering and should settle in for a repeat performance next season. Azaleas do prefer an acid soil but if this is not possible in the ground they can be potted into a large pot of ericaceous compost

Drooping or flower drop is due to lack of water so give your plant a good drink and it will soon recover.

More Information


Scientific Name:Azalea indica

Azalea means "dry".