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Bamboo Palm Bamboo palm from the side Bamboo palm from above
Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm

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4.5 Stars
6 reviews
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Also known as areca palms, golden cane palms, or butterfly palms, these large bamboo palms (Dypsis lutescens) are a great way to bring elegant greenery into your home. Grown in the UK, they will make a fabulous statement plant for the home or the office and will do best in a spot where they get indirect but bright natural light - a south or west facing room would be perfect.
Current Description
A very popular gift, we're pleased to have some more of these stunning bamboo palms arriving later this month. Lovely and tall with plentiful foliage, they will make a striking feature in a room. Available for pre-order if you wish.
1.2m tall including a 4L pot
4.5 Stars 4.5/ 5 6 reviews
MH, Jan 29
5 stars

Beautiful plant and just as described online if not better.

Helena, Aug 17
5 stars

Great plant -- healthy and delivered quickly!

Mark unsworth, Jun 13
5 stars

great plant and looks beautiful

Catherine Watson, Mar 07
5 stars

I am reliably infirned it arrived in perfect condition.

Sandie Purvis, Mar 01
4 stars

Rather than sending flowers I decided to send a plant direct to a friend for her birthday. On realising she was going to be away, I was very relieved to find that I could easily amend the delivery address of my order, to have it redirected to my address. The website was easy to use, I was given the opportunity to choose the pot for the plant and could clearly see a photo of all the options. As this was the first time that I had used Plants4Presents, it was nice that I had the chance to see the plant myself when it arrived and I wasn’t disappointed! Wrapped in a large protective box, clearly printed on the outside, of its plant contents. The box housed a very healthy looking plant, I was very happy with the quality of the plant and I will be using again.

barbara beckett, Sep 24
3 stars

a good choice the only problem being it's condition on arrival as it was bent

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Also known as a Bamboo Palm, these graceful evergreen houseplants make a great addition to a home or office.

Your Areca Palm will be happiest in a bright room in the home. These plants need lots of light so will do best in a South or West facing window where they can get plenty of bright, indirect light. In the winter you can move your plant closer towards the window so that it can optimise what little natural light is available.

These plants do well at normal room temperature and will appreciate an occasional misting.

Your Areca will need regular watering, they don’t like to dry out however will also begin to suffer if they are left standing in water so be careful not to overwater. Aim to keep the soil moist but not soggy. During the winter you will likely find your plant doesn’t need watering as regularly.

Problem Solving:

These plants are generally very easy-going. Wiping the leaves with a damp cloth every now and then will help to keep your plant’s leaves looking healthy and bright.

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