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Peace lily 2024 Peace lily in white textured ceramic pot Peace lily from above Peace lilly spathes close up Peace Lily Flower Closeup
Peace lily 2024

Peace Lily

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7 reviews
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The beautiful white flowers of (Spathiphyllum) will add a touch of class to any surroundings. Also known as peace lilies they will thrive even in very little light and re-flower 4-8 weeks after the initial blooms have passed.
Current Description
We're very happy to have some of these beautiful and popular houseplants back again this week. A lovely addition to the home, these cute peace lilies have at least 4 or 5 budding or flowering spathes and are presented in an attractive white ceramic pot. A fabulous and easy going houseplant that is perfect as a peace offering, but also for new homes, new babies and other celebrations too.
40cm including 1L pot
4.5 Stars 4.4/ 5 7 reviews
Lynn MacKendrick, 3 days ago
5 stars

My friends and family recipients were very pleased at the presentation of the strawberry planters and how healthy the plants were.

Margaret Reid, Apr 23
5 stars

Just like the photo. Healthy plants that had some flowers and some strawberries. Recipient was very pleased.

Wendy, Mar 16
5 stars

Beautiful plant.

Susan Crow, Apr 04
5 stars

The planter was perfect. Delivery prompt. Communication excellent. BRAVO!

Pamela Stanier, Jan 12
5 stars

A lovely plant and very well packed.

Customer Mike Wroe, Apr 12
4 stars

The planter was delivered to my friends on time, I cannot comment on the quality or value for money as I have not seen it

Alison Dutton, 13 days ago
2 stars

The plant arrived in poor shape. It was all out of the pot. My 88 year old Mum had to repot it and deal with all the mess.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is very popular houseplant requiring only minimum care. The flowers will last for many weeks if you follow a few basic rules.

The Peace Lily is unusual in that it does not need a huge amount of light to thrive, it will do well in hallways, bathrooms or offices where other houseplants suffer. This is a tough plant, but like all house plants, don't let it get too hot or too cold (below 5 degree centigrade), otherwise the fleshy leaves will become damaged.

Whilst the plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Water from the top and let the excess drain away. Or if you prefer, stand in water for 20mins. The top of the soil should seem slightly damp when you touch it. If the leaves start to droop you know it is thirsty, so water straight away. Don't worry it will recover quickly.

When the spathes turn green and then shrivel cut them off at their base to encourage new flowers. Peace Lilies will rest for 6-8 weeks before flowering again and should flower on and off throughout the year.

If your lily is reluctant to flower, try moving it to a shadier position. Extreme drops in temperature or repeatedly parched plants may develop dry shrivelled edges to the leaves. These can be cut off to promote new growth and with more water and warmth will recover well. If you have trouble remembering to water your plants, try placing them in a shallow saucer of water.

More Information

Peace Lily

Scientific Name:Spathiphyllum

The name "Spathiphyllum" comes from the greek for blade