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Large Cheeseplant on moss pole. Large Cheese plant on a mossed pole
Large Cheese plant on a mossed pole

Large Cheese Plant

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These dramatic large cheese plants make an impressive gift. Also called Monstera delicosa they are very easy-going and are at home in a range of environments in the home or office. With their tropical glossy-leaves they are a very handsome indoor plant that will bring pleasure for many years to come.
Current Description
The large cheese plants are looking gorgeous and glossy this week. These substantial plants are grown on a moss pole and with plenty of their classic holey foliage, they are a fabulous floor standing feature in any room.
90cm+ tall in a 6L pot
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5 Stars 4.9/ 5 16 reviews
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jean taylor, May 24
5 stars

Super house plant Exactly as described

Laura Baceviciute, Mar 28
5 stars

Lovely plant with lots of healthy leaves :) Speedy delivery too!

Susan, Dec 10
5 stars

Excellent quality and value

Customer Image
Emma Best, Aug 26
5 stars

Excellent, large, healthy

GAR, Jan 18
5 stars

Plant was delivered on time, in top quality condition.

Timothy Watts, Jan 16
5 stars

Excellent quality, mature plant, well packaged and promptly delivered. Great product and service.

Suzy owen, Jan 01
5 stars

Beautiful big cheese plant delivered

5 stars

Wonderful healthy plant which looks great. Packaged well so not affected by being transported. Overall a very good service

Laura Tucker, Oct 21
5 stars

Positive experience all round

Mrs Josephine Hughes, Sep 26
5 stars

Lovely. Very full foliage; well trained and supported on a moss pole.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This cheese plant (monstera delicosa) is a very easy-going house plant.

All plants need light, but this cheese plant will thrive even in quite low light - most rooms in the house will be suitable. It is happy at a normal room temperature, if it gets really hot in the summer you can mist it with ordinary tap water to cool it down.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered often, but in the winter when the plant is resting watering is not so important. You might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food to help it grow and to keep the leaves nice and fresh.

As the plant grows it can be repotted in a larger pot. Choose rich compost that will hold water well. In the right spot your cheese plant could get to six foot in a couple of years. To restrict growth however, keep slightly cooler and darker and restrict pot size.

Problem Solving:

Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving you plant a good misting and water more regularly. Alternatively you can keep a bowl of water next to the plant to add humidity to the environment.