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Flowering plants

When it comes to giving a gorgeous gift to a loved one that brings the outside in, it can often involve making the choice between the thoughtful slow-burning beauty of a plant, or the short-lived burst of colour that cut flowers provide. While we can see the appeal of giving cut flowers as a gift, we strongly believe that there are so many reasons to give a plant as a gift instead.

With Christmas approaching, we’re here to explain why giving a plant as a gift instead of cut flowers works so well.

Why should you give plants as a gift instead of flowers?

A longer lasting gift

Of course, the main reason to opt for a plant gift over a bunch of flowers is that it lasts so much longer; a plant can brighten up any room or garden, and serves as a regular reminder of your generosity for years to come.

Any blooms themselves are also likely to last longer than cut flowers, as they’re still attached to their life source and can therefore be nourished properly.

Better value for money

As a cost-conscious gifter, you’ll likely be looking for something that will last, and with many plant gifts available for under £30, the payoff compared to cut flowers makes opting for a potted gift a no-brainer.

More eco-friendly

Concerned about your carbon footprint? So are we - it’s why so many of our plants are grown right here in our UK nursery. In comparison, it’s estimated that around 80% of cut flowers are imported to Britain from countries such as the Netherlands, making them costly to the environment. Plants actually sequester carbon from the atmosphere and whilst a small plant won’t store that much carbon on its own, every little helps.

Plants improve air quality

It’s no secret that indoor plants can have a positive impact on the air quality of a home, reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants. What could be more thoughtful than giving the gift of a healthier home?

A gateway to a new hobby

When you choose a plant as a present for a loved one, who knows where it may lead? Having something to care for could just spark a love for being a plant parent, whether it’s embracing green fingers in the garden, or making your gift the first in a collection of house plants. It could just be the catalyst to a whole new passion!

What are the best plants to give as gifts?

red camellia flowers

We have so many plant gift options here at Plants4Presents, but there are just a few highlights.


Ideal for Christmas and winter birthdays, camellias are notoriously low maintenance, and will provide beautiful blooms and handsome foliage when not much else is happening in the garden.

Asparagus ferns

Frothy asparagus ferns have well and truly captured the hearts of many, with feathery fronds that make a distinctive indoor feature with plenty of texture.

Olive trees

For loved ones with a garden, olive trees make a fantastic gift, with long silvery-grey leaves and the opportunity to enjoy their famous fruits when looked after correctly.


Orchids have long been popular gifts, and for good reason; they’re easy to care for, and so stunning to have in your home. Moth orchids in particular sport vibrant and long-lasting blooms.

Spider plant

For those new to plant care, this is a great entry-level plant to give as a gift. Spider plants are fun and easy to care for, and they self-propagate, meaning you’ll have future generations of spider plants to come.

Choose Plants4Presents for your Christmas plant gifts

Launched nearly 20 years ago, Plants4Presents is run by and for plant lovers. Fusing a passion for beautiful, healthy plants with a focus on excellent customer service and an easy to use website.

Order from us and we’ll take care of everything for you, from carefully selected and prepping the very best quality plants, to including a handwritten greetings card, care instructions and a stylish pot, before delivering your plant gift wrapped and boxed on the day you choose.

Our many glowing reviews are a testimony to how much your loved ones will enjoy their new plants and our seamless delivery service.

Speedy delivery and careful packaging mean that our plants reach their destination looking fabulous and can be enjoyed long beyond the special occasion.

Our ultimate Christmas plant gifts are just around the corner - it’s poinsettia season! These bright red beauties can last well into the new year with the right care, and make a fabulous festive gift for the plant lover in your life.

Plants are such a thoughtful gift that just keep on giving.

Living Moth Orchids are a great alternative to a bunch of flowers