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White Camellia

Camellia Plant

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Camellias produce beautiful rose-like flowers through the winter and spring and make a great gift for a gardener. Best in a sheltered spot in the garden for their first winter they can then can be planted in the ground or placed on a patio after flowering ready for a repeat performance year after year.
Current Description
These are the youngest sibling of all our camellias, and a brilliant housewarming or wedding present so you can watch them grow and flourish as the years roll by. Currently with a good number of tight buds, these young plants are looking lovely and are available with white or semi-double, pure white varieties. You're welcome to let us know if you have any preference in the box provided, or leave it to us to select the best looking plant for you on the day. New photos coming as soon as possible.
40cm+ tall in a 1.5L pot
5 Stars 5/ 5 15 reviews
Perveen Tayabali, Jan 05
5 stars

The plant was very well received

James Shepherd, Aug 21
5 stars

Elderly Mother thinks its super :)

Kevin king, Mar 28
5 stars

Excellent quality

Cliff Alsop, Mar 24
5 stars

Different to normal specimen orchids. Expecting multiple new flowers for months to come

Jaime willis, Mar 23
5 stars


Elliott, Mar 15
5 stars

simply perfect

Mrs J Millington, Mar 07
5 stars

My grandaughter loves her gift and saysit is a beautiful colour.

M Emma, Dec 27
5 stars

Great quality, excellent packaging, fast delivery

Gwen Ferber, Dec 18
5 stars

It looked good and had lots of flowers.

Katie Rogers, Oct 18
5 stars

The wild orchid was a beautiful gift, in fact I think it was even more stunning in real life by the photos we were sent from the thrilled recipient. Super value for money and highly recommend.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Camellia (camellia japonica) are really outdoor plants, but when they are young they make decorative pot plants in a cool room, producing beautiful rose like flowers in the winter and early spring.

While your Camellia is indoors, keep it as cool as you can and make sure there is plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight. An East or West facing window is ideal.

Keep your Camellia well watered, the compost should feel wet to touch.

After flowering your Camellia plant can be repotted in a larger pot with suitable compost, and put outside on a patio or balcony or planted out into the ground. Camellias like acid soil, so choose compost suitable for rhododendrons and heathers and other acid-loving plants. When planting Camellias in the garden, choose a sheltered part-shaded position where you can see the winter flowers. Try to avoid a situation where the early morning sun shines on frosted plants because this can spoil the flowers. Over time Camellias can grow into quite substantial specimens several feet high. In china, where these plants originate they have even been known to reach 15ft and 500 years old. Older plants are very hardy but young plants should be protected from frost.

If your plant seems to be suffering indoors and prone to leaf drop, try putting it outside for a few hours in the day.

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Scientific Name:Camellia Japonica

Also known as Common Camellia or Japanese Camellia

Winter flowers in shades of white