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Detailed Care Guides for some of our most popular plants

All our plant gifts come with detailed care instructions to help you position, water and feed your new plant babies so they will thrive in their new homes.

These individual care guides can be found on our website by going to the specific product page and clicking the tab marked 'Care instructions'. These individual plant care guides will include specific instructions about looking after that plant including advice on how old it is and how long it might be before that size of plant needs repotting.

Alongside these specific care instructions we're also developing a range of more detailed care guides by plant type to help provide more advice for longer term care on some of our most popular plants. We'll be adding to these general care guides below over the coming weeks and months so do let us know if there is a particular plant you'd like to see covered.

How to care for your...

Citrus tree care

Citrus Trees

As citrus specialists we get a lot of questions about citrus trees, so we have a whole host of articles and even a popular video on these fabulous plants.

Giant Curry Leaf Plant

Curry leaf Plants

Ever fancied growing your own curry leaves? now you can...The true curry leaf plant is known as Murraya koenigii or more recently Bergera koenigii it's a very special plant that will add a real depth of flavour to cooking. Watch our handy video all about growing this specialist plant in the UK.


Olive Trees

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, there are several varieties of olive tree, but the most commonly grown in the UK is the standard genus Olea europaea, or European Olive. These have the instantly recognisable long silvery-grey leaves and will produce mid-size olives that will start green and eventually ripen to a delicious black.

Moth Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchids

The reasons to welcome an orchid into your home are numerous; for a start, they’re beautiful, straightforward to care for, and they bloom for months on end.



Poinsettias have a reputation for being temperamental but with the right care they can bloom right through the festive season and well into the New Year. Positioning and temperature are key when caring for Poinsettias

Tea plant flowers

Tea Plants

We've been growing tea plants at our Sussex nursery for over 15 years, we've supplied plantations, presented talks for the RHS and had lots of fun growing and processing our own tasty tea. Read our handy care guide on how best to grow your own Camellia sinensis plants in the UK and how to harvest the leaves for green tea


Our Expertise

The Plants4Presents founders Isobel and Emily Rae have always been keen home gardeners and plant lovers and over the last 19 years they have developed a broad depth of knowledge about the plants they sell. We've learnt a lot from our many knowledgeable customers, from working with and doing talks for the RHS and by trialling different methods of plant care in our own nursery, as well as by developing our own gardens and citrus tree collections.

Over the years we have become experts in citrus tree care and growing unusual edible plants. We sell over 10,000 citrus trees a year from our Sussex nursery and hope that by sharing our own experience and knowledge, as well as that of our many happy customers, we can help you to care for and get the most from your own plants and citrus trees.