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Helpful articles on identifying common plant pests and treating them.

Have you noticed anything unusual on your house or garden plants?

Stickiness, round brown circles, webbing, white fluffy cotton wool, mottling and in some cases leaf drop can all be signs you're plant has picked up an unwanted pest. The good news is though, the earlier you notice and treat unwanted visitors the easier it is to get rid of them and get your plant back on the road to recovery. Try to remember to check your houseplants and your outdoor potted plants regularly and if you see something you don't like the look of do treat sooner rather than later.

At the Plants4Presents we have always operated to organic principles, using a host of natural biological pest controls and organic treatments to control common pests. Over the coming weeks and months we will be writing many more articles about how to identify common garden plant pests and houseplant pests and how best to treat them. We don't ever use harsh or systemic chemicals ourselves, so we will never recommend these but there are lots of very effective natural methods for getting rid of unwanted bugs.

Our go-to treatment at the nursery these days is always Diatomaceous earth which treats a whole host of pests, and so we have started this page with a handy guide on how to use this simple but effective treatment at home.

Diatomaceous Earth

Whey we recommend diatomaceous earth

We often get asked about the best, natural treatments for common pests on house and garden plants and in particular about mealy bug and scale insect so we've put together this handy guide to treating for pests using our preferred method, diatomaceous earth.


More Pest Guides coming in 2024

We have lots of plans to add guides on how to treat the most common pests our customers ask about including aphids, scale, cotton cushion scale, mealy bug and red spider mite but if there is something in particular you would like to hear more about please do email us with your suggestions.

In the meantime our friends at www.ladybirdplantcare.co.uk have lots of great information on common pest problems and are our preferred supplier for natural insecticides and biological controls.

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