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Japanese Anemone

These blousey Japanese Anemones are a great gift for a garden, producing masses of pretty flowers in late summer and autumn.
Current Description
These anemones will flower right up until the first frosts and then once planted out in the garden, will come up again year after year. This week's anemones are a pretty gorgeous white/pale pink variety called 'swan' and are already budding nicely as pictured. We'll post some more photos again as soon as they are in bloom. Available for a limited time only snap these babies up whilst they are in season!
50cm+ tall in a 2L pot
Japanese Anenome Japanese Anemone         Japanese Anemone         Japanese Anemone         Japanese Anemone         Japanese Anemone
Japanese Anenome
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These pretty flowering perennials are prized for their pretty late season flowers and are most at home in the garden. Japanese Anemone are very easy going plants that will do well in a wide variety of positions and soils. You can even keep your Anemone in the pot for a while if you prefer, either in a cool room or sheltered patio where you can enjoy the flowers. Or you can plant it out any time the ground is not actually frozen.

Dig a nice big hole when you do this and as you would do with any new planting add some rich compost to the hole to get it settled in. Keep well watered, whilst it is establishing or whilst in a pot and plant in anything from full sun to shade.

Pinch out spent flowers regularly to encourage new blooms and water often enough to ensure that the soil remains damp. Japanese anemones are deciduous so will drop their leaves in winter, trim them back at this stage and they will reward you with a lovely display each year from Summer to the first frosts.

Problem solving

If kept inside too long Japanese anemones can develop mildew. To minimise this make sure they are kept in a cool well ventilated room and that your plant is not overwatered.