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Cyclamen Planter

These pretty cyclamen are sussex grown and look fantastic displayed in these simple vintage planters
Current Description
A great gift to say thank you, or just because... They will brighten a window sill or doorstep in the autumn and winter. These pretty cyclamen are looking lovely this week in a choice of pink, white or red blooms. Please choose which colour you prefer from the drop down menu.
20cm tall in a 22cm wide trough
Red Cyclamen 2020 Cyclamen Planter         Cyclamen Planter         Cyclamen Planter         Cyclamen Planter Cyclamen Planter
Red Cyclamen 2020
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Cyclamen are an easy plant which flowers repeatedly in Autumn or Spring depending upon the variety. They will grow outdoors in sheltered shade, or indoors on a cool window sill or in a porch.

If indoors make sure your plant gets plenty of light, by putting it near a window. Strong direct sunlight is best avoided as are hot radiators.

When these cyclamen are in small pots you will need to water regularly especially if in a warm spot. Ideally they should be allowed to suck water up from underneath, so it is best to leave the plastic pots in a tray or sink with a couple of centimetres of water for a few minutes before returning to their wicker basket. In a warm room you may need to do this several times a week. Try to keep the compost damp - not dry and not soggy

Pick off dead flowers continually to encourage more buds, and pick off dead leaves to keep the basket looking fresh.

If your cyclamen plants start to droop, water immediately and pick off any dead leaves or buds to encourage a recovery. Occasionally mould can develop underneath the leaves, if this occurs, pick off any damaged leaves and flowers, let the plant dry out a little and then water more regularly, but sparingly. Mould is caused by damp humid conditions around the leaf stems or uneven watering and can often be improved in a better ventilated/drier room.