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Parlour palm plant Parlour palm in ceramic pot Parlour Palm 2024 Parlour Palm
Parlour Palm 2024

Parlour Palm

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This easy to care for palm (Chamaedorea elegans) does not need a lot of light making it perfect for darker rooms and offices. Their dark green foliage looks great all year round adding some calming greenery to a room.
Current Description
These lovely parlour palms are full little plants just as pictured, one of these would make a super gift. Slow growing and easy to look after too, they are perfect for when space is limited.
23cm high including 1L pot
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5 Stars 4.8/ 5 4 reviews
Liz B., May 11
5 stars

Fantastic-looking, air-purifying foliage plant which requires little maintenance.

Jane, Nov 07
5 stars

Very happy with gift

Tom H, Dec 27
5 stars

Excellent plany delivered on time

Margaret Binney, Aug 10
4 stars

Lovely plant and pot

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This small palm (Chamaedorea elegans) is a very easy-going house plant and is known for its air cleaning properties.

All plants need light, but this palm will thrive in quite low light – most rooms in the house will be suitable, even offices. Your plant will be happy at a normal room temperature, and if it gets really hot in the summer you can mist it to cool it down.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered fairly often to stop the compost from drying out, but in the winter when the plant is resting you may only need to water once or twice a week. You might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food.

You should expect your plant to grow slowly to up to three feet high. It’ll be a little while before your plant needs repotting but when it does choose a 2L or larger pot and an ordinary potting compost.

Problem solving

Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving you plant a good misting and water more regularly.

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