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Green plants for the house or patio

A few of the best green plants for lush foliage all year round.

Green houseplants are a great way to remove toxins from the air and are still growing in popularity year on year. Spider plants, Aloe Vera and Weeping Figs are some of the best air cleaners but more unusual Dracaena, Zanzibar gems and rubber plants make great easy going green indoor plants.

If you are looking for green plants for the garden, olives and tea plants will all look great on a patio all year round.

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Green houseplants are so beneficial to us and our home

A very on trend gift, houseplants bring calming greenery to a home, and improve our mental wellbeing. Not only that, they help to purify the air around us.

For those that would love a plant in their home but don't want to spend too long looking after it cheeseplants, spider plants, mother-in-law's tongue and succulents require minimal care and are a perfect gift choice. They also thrive in all light levels. Other varieties don't need that much more effort really and can be very rewarding and enjoyable to look after.

Frequently asked questions

What are houseplants?

As the name implies, they are plants that need to be kept inside in the UK. In their natural habitats they thrive outdoors, but in this country they require the warmth of a home or office to do well.

Which houseplants are best for cleaning or purifying the air?

All plants will absorb impurities from the air but in a study Nasa found that spider plants, aloe vera and weeping figs make the biggest difference to air quality in a home or office.