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Just in for the new season!

As you'd expect we have made a lot of changes at the nursery to ensure proper social distancing which means we do have slightly longer lead times at the moment but we still have lots of really lovely plants that are sure to bring a bit of cheer.

This selection of plants are all just coming in to season and looking lovely at the nursery for delivery straight away

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  1. Tillandsia Curly Wurly
    Curly Slim' Tillandsia Funky foliage
  2. Stevia
    Stevia Grow your own natural sweetener
  3. Pink Hydrangea
    Pink Hydrangea New season
  4. Passion Flower
    Passionflower Stunning blooms
  5. Large Kumquat
    Large Kumquat RIPE fruits
  6. Bougainvillea bush
    Bougainvillea Bush Classic purple bougainvillea
  7. Pineapple plant in fruit
    Pineapple Plant in fruit Unusual Fruiting Plant
  8. orange hibiscus
    Hibiscus Exotic blooms
  9. Bougainvillea trellis
    Bougainvillea Trellis Colourful 'paper' flowers
  10. Purple calla lily
    Large Calla Lily Indoor colour
  11. Dipladenia
    Dipladenia Colourful trumpets and glossy leaves
  12. Calamondin
    Calamondin Tree with green fruit
  13. Basket of Fire Chilli
    Basket of Fire Chilli Fiery chilli plant in fruit
  14. Large Orange Tree
    Large Orange Tree The sweet eating orange
    Available from 12/06/2020
  15. large bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea Pyramid Bright Blooms

15 Items

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