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Gerbera                  Gerbera                  Pink Gerbera
Pink Gerbera


These pretty Gerbera come in a multitude of colours and make a cheerful splash of colour on a sunny windowsill.
Current Description
A great gift to send a bit of cheer and optimism, we currently have these pretty plants in orange or pink. Please do make a note below if you have a colour preference or leave this blank and we'll choose the best looking plant for you on the day.
25cm+ tall in a 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Gerbera plants or African Daisies make great houseplants or summer patio plants and will flower on and on with a bit of care.

Gerberas originate in South Africa so like a nice sunny spot. Indoors keep your plant near a window or in a porch where there is plenty of light. They will be fine in a window box or on a patio in the summer but bring them in when the night time temperature is likely to dip below 8C.

While your plant is in a small pot indoors they will need watering generously. Aim to keep the soil moist and your gerbera will appreciate some liquid feed in their water every week or so whilst flowering. Any ordinary houseplant food will do fine.

Pick off dead flowers and leaves to encourage growth and keep the plants looking good. If you want to encourage your gerbera to grow on or if you are struggling to keep up with the watering you can repot into a slightly larger pot with any general purpose potting compost any time between March and the end of August.

Problem solving Gerberas are pretty tough plants, and will recover from most neglect with water, light and food. Over the winter they should be cut back and allowed to rest ready for a repeat show next year.

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