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Oleander (Rose Bay) is traditionally a Mediterranean plant but they will thrive in a sunny spot in the UK during the summer. As they are sun lovers, they are best kept in a pot with well-draining soil so they can be brought in to a sheltered position or into a greenhouse to protect them from frost in the winter.
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Relive memories of those Mediterranean holidays with one of our striking oleander. Looking healthy and bushy, these garden shrubs flower have finished flowering for this season which is reflected in their superb end of season price this week. These gorgeous plants will keep their leaves over winter and will need a little frost protection, but will reward you with a huge display of flowers from June to September every year making them a brilliant gift for a gardener.
Available in red or white, you're welcome to let us know if you have a preference on flower colour in the box provided or leave it to us to select the best looking plant.
75cm high in a 3L Pot
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Malachy Skilton, Jul 04
5 stars

Was very delighted to receive Oleander after ordering, a tricky plant to get hold of nowadays, the plant is full of blooms and is a great size, bigger than expected!

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Oleander, also known as Rose Bay, are popular Mediterranean plants which do well in the UK in a sunny spot outside and will flower in waves from the end of May right into the Autumn.

In the UK it is best to keep Oleander in a pot rather than planted out in the ground, as they are not fully hardy. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot outside for your Oleander, a warm patio is ideal. Your plant will do well outside all summer, however will need some frost protection in the winter. In areas that are likely to get down to very low temperatures, it is best to bring your Oleander into a greenhouse or other frost-free location during those coldest months.

Your Oleander will need regular watering, try not to allow your plant to dry out, especially during the warmer months. Aim to keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. During the winter, when it is resting, you will find your Oleander needs watering less regularly.

Once your Oleander has put on a good amount of growth you can repot it every year in the spring, going up one or two pot sizes at a time. Alternatively, if your plant hasn’t outgrown its pot, add a top dressing of good quality compost and a sprinkle of balanced slow-release fertiliser each spring to keep your Oleander healthy.

If your Oleander has some damaged growth after the winter, simply prune this back in early spring and your plant will soon put on new, healthy growth.

Problem Solving:

Your Oleander will flower best in full sun. If your plant isn’t flowering well, try moving it to a sunnier position.

It’s important that your Oleander gets enough water while flower buds are forming in spring. Flower buds dropping before opening is usually due to the plant having dried out too much during this time. Make sure to water your Oleander regularly during the growing season to keep the soil moist. On the flip side, yellowing foliage is most likely a sign of overwatering.

Warning: Oleander are toxic if ingested – keep away from children and pets.