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Oleander (Rose Bay) is traditionally a Mediterranean plant but it will do well in the UK either outdoors in a sheltered spot or indoors in a bright cool room.
Current Description
These are a great easy going Mediterranean plant that will flower in waves from the end of May right into the Autumn. This week the warm weather has meant these pretty Oleanders are covered in flower buds a few of which are coming into flower. These are really chunky plants that will make an impressive feature on the patio or in a bright room.
60cm+ high in a 4L Pot
Oleander Oleander                 Cream Oleander                 Oleander                 Oleander                 Oleander
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

The Oleander or Rose Bay thrives in hot Mediterranean climates such as Greece and Turkey where it can live outside without danger from frost. In the UK it will flower on and on outdoors or indoors in the summer.

Make sure your plant gets plenty of light, by putting it near a window, or outside on a summer patio. Try to keep it at a cool, steady temperature and in the winter, bring it inside and protect it from frost.

In the summer and whilst the plants are in small pots you will need to water your Oleander regularly. Every few waters, put a drop of liquid feed into the water just to help it grow. In the winter, let your plant rest, it won’t need feed or much water.

Your Oleander should flower more than once each summer. Cut off dead flowers to encourage more buds. At the end of the season cut the plant back heavily to stop it getting leggy. When the plant puts on growth next year it can be re potted into a larger pot.

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