Woodland Hydrangea

These unusual hydrangeas are in flower and make lovely gifts. They are perfect for a long-lasting display in a shady spot and will flower reliably every year from summer into the autumn. A great gift for the garden-lover. The flowers emerge green and as they open they will turn paler over the season and fade gently to cream.
Current Description
We've got some stunning woodland hydrangeas this week. There are three paniculata varieties that do very well in the shade, so are great for brightening up a dark spot in the garden. We will choose the best looking one for you on the day, but we currently have Vanille Fraise, Jane and Limelight.
70cm+ tall in 3L pot
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Woodland Hydrangea       Woodland Hydrangea       Woodland Hydrangea       Woodland Hydrangea
Woodland Hydrangea
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This is a woodland plant and will do well in shade but make sure the roots don't dry out before it gets established